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a careful study of some social unit (as a corporation or division within a corporation) that attempts to determine what factors led to its success or failure

a detailed analysis of a person or group from a social or psychological or medical point of view

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Case study research is capable of providing testable, novel and empirically valid theory (Eisenhardt 1989).
It began with, and retained until the end, typical case study research methods described earlier: in-depth interviews with key informants; structured observations of key meetings and other events; and the content analysis of documents.
Second, the information obtained from the literature review supported the creation of the case study research protocol.
Seventy-three campers were also recruited for case study research as part of phase two.
It includes case study research from such notable companies as Autodesk, Johnson & Johnson, J.
He has conducted in-depth case study research in Asia, Australia, Europe and Latin America and is now in Japan studying the political implications of the Fukushima nuclear disaster.
He covers research design and philosophy and ethics; methods (action research, case study research, ethnographic research, and grounded theory); data collection techniques (interviews, participant observation and fieldwork, and using documents); analyzing data using hermeneutics, semiotics, and narrative analysis; and writing and publishing research.
In this article, the usefulness of case study research (CSR) methodology is discussed, and shown to be an approach suitable for research by nurses across a wide spectrum of clinical settings and specialty practice.
While I do not always favor examples from outside of my discipline over distinctly sociological research, the applied emphases they often have are effective introductions to the scope and use of both case study research and focus groups.
The majority of authors grounded their manuscripts in the case study research or/and cross-sectional survey data.
Secondary data, drawing from previous case study research.
Hosting XRKade equipment at a nearby school will enable USF students and faculty to take a case study research approach, observing kids in their everyday environment.
We have been doing case study research with some of our existing clients and price, functionality, ease of use and compatibility with software they are already using continue to be the primary reasons why they chose iMagic Inventory even when it was stacked against something specifically designed for their industry.
The Never Ending Friending study was conducted in multiple phases encompassing independently-fielded qualitative, quantitative and in-depth client case study research.
Field guide to case study research in tourism, hospitality and leisure.