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a careful study of some social unit (as a corporation or division within a corporation) that attempts to determine what factors led to its success or failure

a detailed analysis of a person or group from a social or psychological or medical point of view

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The clinic's case selection needs to make that connection explicit as well.
When a new color is matched, the case selection algorithms "retrieve" a set of close matches to that color and related attributes.
First, different stakes to the parties is the most common explanation of win rates that depart from the idealized predictions of case selection effect.
We address this question first by explaining various case selection criteria often used by social studies teachers and analyzing what the state standards say about which Supreme Court cases.
Justice Powell is usually credited with the idea of streamlining the process of case selection, (6) but Chief Justice Warren Burger also claimed that the cert pool was his idea.
Written in the same historical style as the first half, the second half of the book focuses on issues such as incomplete information, case selection, utility theory, and the appropriateness of quantitative analysis to estimating future events.
Much of the problem lies in Scott's methodology and case selection. He studied a set of planning disasters and asked what they had in common, and the result is naturally an indictment of planning.
The evidence of agreement conveniently supplied by the members of an ineffective price-fixing conspiracy dovetails nicely with the self-interests of the antitrust lawyers employed by the Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission who, in order to accumulate the experience that will be of value to them in subsequent private-sector careers, have strong incentives to select "cases that can clearly be won or settled favorably...."(11) Antitrust case selection processes are dominated not by concerns for the welfare of consumers, but by the political forces impinging on the antitrust bureaucracy--staff career objectives, law enforcement budgets, and congressional influence.(12)
Ertman's principle of case selection is to choose all territorial states in western Christendom, yielding about thirty cases (nineteen are German territorial states).
It is true that the absence of a large number of cases may lead to case selection bias.
Collaboration with physicians becomes increasingly important during the processes of case selection and CareMap[TM] development.
In the absence of a random sampling technique, great care must be brought to bear on case selection. If all our chosen cases come from a limited range of the dependent variable's dimension, we will not be able to classify, much less explain, the dependent variable's variance.
Case selection bias: An audit may be biased if the selected group of patients is unrepresentative of the population as a whole.
Although one can always quibble with methodological details such as case selection, the original research presented here, derived from impressive and demanding field work, has produced a rich data bank and analytical conclusions that are, I think, essentially accurate.
The Task Force uses written guidelines for case selection. Once the decision is made that the Legal Center should participate in a case, its staff works closely with the attorney representing the state, city or county that is a party to the case.