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a careful study of some social unit (as a corporation or division within a corporation) that attempts to determine what factors led to its success or failure

a detailed analysis of a person or group from a social or psychological or medical point of view

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With this mechanism, we first tried to systematize and unify the various advances of the qualitative positivist research tradition in terms of design, theory building, case selection, transparency and the systematization of qualitative data.
On the other hand, the disadvantages of the case study approach can be mitigated through a combination of case selection and data collection strategies.
These benefits include: comprehensive and exhaustive description of types of cases, parsimonious descriptions due to reduction in complexity, identification of similarities and differences between cases that can help with case selection for research, identification of an exhaustive list of dimensions or variables of theoretical interest, introduction of types as criteria for measurement, and versatility in that it provides the possibility to showcase either concepts, empirical cases, or both (Bailey, 1994).
13) Studies have shown that with a rigid case selection the laterally positioned flap is an effective method in treating isolated gingival recession.
The experts also review case selection and research design and suggest additional issues that need to be researched.
He provides an overview of social science methodologies; and the history, subjects, disciplines, and within-case and inter-case methods of comparative-historical analysis; and explains the value of combining these methods, case selection, and theory development.
The research case selection aimed to develop and study a comprehensive development project in another country in this case, Colombia.
Case selection was performed according to the diagnosis or set of diagnoses included in the nosological entity under study (Diagnosis1 and Diagnosis2) and based on specific inclusion and exclusion criteria.
This paper will focus on these three approaches and will discuss current trends in immediate endosseous dental implant case selection criteria.
The study avoids many of the problems inherent in current presidency research that relate to case selection, which allows for generalizable statements regarding presidential leadership.
Because the Court's case selection process is an important aspect of the development of the law, this Article provides the basis for further normative and empirical evaluations of the Court's plenary docket.
This learning brief is divided as follows: (1) the Supreme Court and its case selection process, (2) the law related to affirmative action, and (3) the future of race conscious policies in higher education.
Case selection for peer review presents another potential source of bias.
Maruca's addressed the IRS's recent reorganization of its transfer pricing operations and the hoped-for effect on IRS enforcement and taxpayer compliance, especially through case selection for transfer pricing litigation.
His modification known as the morbidity and mortality matrix involves specific recommendations for case selection, preparation, a moderator role in the conference, presentation content, communication and discussion.