casus belli

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an event used to justify starting a war

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We have to defend our country also, in case, but I hope it won't happen, in case of war.)
The Adviser said that in case of war with India the ultimate sufferer will be the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
In case of war between India and Pakistan, the whole world will further divide into two parts and if world divides into two parts then extremism will grow.
LANDI KOTAL -- Residents of Landi Kotal enrolled their entries to join hands with Pak army in case of war, wages by India.
KASUR -- The district administration claimed on Thursday to have finalised arrangements for rescue and relief of the villagers likely to be shifted to safer places in case of war with India at Ganda Singh border.
Download Enemy air force Commander: We will use unimaginable force in case of war with Lebanon NNA - The commander of the air force in the Israeli enemy army, Amir Eshel, threatened today that "in the event of any escalation between Lebanon and the Israeli army in the future, this army will use an unimaginable military force in the war." "The Israeli army now has more power than it had before [in the July 2006 war]," he said at a security conference in Herzliya near Tel Aviv.
A SENIOR Army officer posted in a fighting formation responsible for bombarding Pakistani positions in case of war is facing charges of corruption and harassment of his subordinates.