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a careful study of some social unit (as a corporation or division within a corporation) that attempts to determine what factors led to its success or failure

a detailed analysis of a person or group from a social or psychological or medical point of view

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A case example relevant to working with first-generation students is given to assist in practical application of the theory.
As we have tried to demonstrate in our case example of Don, counselors must be wary of the impact of several variables (e.
In this article, we present a case example of the use of literature to teach schizophrenia to graduate students in counseling.
In this regard, it is significant that his second major case example, Tanzania, exemplifies fully only the commitment to high modernism and very partially the authoritarian state components of his general formulation.
The fact that the students were creating their own home pages perhaps provided the best case example of all.
A specific treatment approach using this orientation is outlined and a case example is presented.
A clinical case example is used to illustrate the application of these concepts to the therapeutic approach which is called transitional psychotherapy.
Case Example 2: Expert Testimony at a Bond/Detention Hearing
Each tradition is described and a case example that illustrates working with students of these traditions is provided.
Information about TWA and a case example are provided to assist counselors in understanding how TWA can be applied to retirement career counseling.
Cultural dynamics and chronic illness: diabetes, a case example.
Educating students, through discussion and case example, to dispel the common stereotypes and myths regarding gay and lesbian individuals.
Date explained that "the report uses a case example for each kind of bailout -- the 'killer G's' of Goldman Sachs, GMAC, and GE Capital -- and uses that case example to see what would have happened if the Senate bill had been in place several years ago.
calls for renewed discourse on breastfeeding as a case example of controversies in health policy and practice.