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a careful study of some social unit (as a corporation or division within a corporation) that attempts to determine what factors led to its success or failure

a detailed analysis of a person or group from a social or psychological or medical point of view

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Before presenting the specific results of the case study analysis, the following key points must be noted:
A guided debriefing and case study analysis follow the simulation, allowing students a comfortable learning environment to learn beginning competencies in communication with socioeconomically vulnerable populations.
Taking the case study analysis one step further, Aydin provides a chapter relevant to ongoing intervention debates in countries like Syria.
* A comparative case study analysis of user involvement in open innovation
Tier 1(d) The Lived Experience of Sons and Daughters of Vietnam Veterans and Vietnam-Era Servicemen (previously History of Health): this case study analysis was undertaken to inform the Main Survey.
Additional benefits may include professional photography, in-depth case study analysis and/or prominent placement in Rosboro marketing collateral and advertising.
Using some of the best practitioners in the country, the program includes lectures, interactive sessions, case study analysis of existing co-ops and tours to local co-ops to talk directly with co-op stakeholders about the development process.
The campus-based program includes expert lectures, simulation exercises, and relevant case study analysis. Students work on their own current business projects while receiving feedback and assistance from faculty and colleagues in the program.
The workshop will feature hands-on exercises, interactive discussions and including case study analysis of Philips campaigns.
Some authors approach the subject of changing values through empirical case study analysis or interviews with contemporary professionals; others use a documentary, literary, sociological, or historical approach.
Many of these steps are consistent with key elements in our case study analysis. In particular, the new DOD policy and legislative provisions place greater emphasis on front-end planning and establishing sound business cases for starting programs.
This research is unique in its case study analysis of the collective impact of five colleges that differ with respect to Carnegie Classification, control type, enrollment size, and selectivity.
This case study analysis allows student to apply the basics of Economic Theory to a start-up entrepreneurial venture.
Through a detailed case study analysis of these and other events, Lemarchand narrates a convincing tale of the cross-border evolution of ethnicized politics.
"The Girl-Child in Latin America: A Case Study Analysis of Gender-Sensitive Theories and Practices Operating Within Five Children's Mission Projects."