Cascade Range

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a mountain range in the northwestern United States extending through Washington and Oregon and northern California

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Caption: This 1,815-square-foot solar-powered mountain dwelling boasts beautiful views and proximity to biking, climbing, hiking, and skiing spots along the Cascade Range.
Their return is good news from a conservation perspective, as the Cascade Range once again hosts all of its native carnivores--save the grizzly bear, which is the focus of an active recovery plan.
The 10 day-long and multi-day field trips accompany the Geological Society of America's October 2017 annual meeting in Seattle, and explore the Puget lowland, Cascade Range and east slope, and Columbia River Basin and western Idaho.
Having had a metaphorical mountain to climb, only to fall down again and again, Mark decides that climbing a real one - Mt Rainier, the highest mountain in the Cascade Range of the Pacific Northwest, 50 miles south of Seattle - should be his final challenge.
In the Pacific Northwest, Cope's Giant Salamander, Dicamptodon copei, occurs on the Olympic peninsula, in the Willapa Hills and the western slope of the Cascade Range (Cascades) in Washington, and then across the Columbia River into the northernmost Cascades and the northwest corner (Coast Range) of Oregon.
In Oregon, a firefighter battling a 100-acre blaze in the southern Cascade Range died in a fall while on a break.
The Cascade Range may have been named for its countless waterfalls, but its true calling card has to be its rugged, crumpled peaks--the Liberty Bells, the Seven-Fingered Jacks, the Steamboat Prows--all rising abruptly from deeply carved valleys and cleaving the Far West into Farther and Farthest.
TEHRAN (FNA)- A new report projects that by the middle of this century there will be an average 56 percent drop in the amount of water stored in peak snowpack in the McKenzie River watershed of the Oregon Cascade Range -- and that similar impacts may be found on low-elevation maritime snow packs around the world.
In July, Heimpel, along with nine others, climbed the 14,000-foot Mount Shasta in Northern California's Cascade Range as a fundraiser for the foster-youth-run advocacy group California Youth Connection.
The final tap in the range, is part of Better Bathrooms' most popular tap collection, the Cascade range. Like its sister taps, the Cascade freestanding bath shower mixer has an open spout making the flowing water visible before it drops down in a waterfall effect.
Some of the sites used in this study are operated by Law's research group in the central Oregon Cascade Range in the Metolius River watershed, and they are consistent with some of these concerns.
ART/GEOGRAPHY: Imagine you're working with the Cascade Range Volcano Observatory to make special trading cards for the 20 major volcanoes in the Cascade Range.
DRIVE an hour (54 miles) to the Cascade Range. Don't miss Mount Rainier, a volcano which dominates the Seattle skyline on clear days.
I divide Washington into four regions in terms of waterfowling: Saltwater or Tidal, the Cascade Range West, Cascade Range East, and the Big Rivers, which includes the Columbia, the Snake, and the Pend Oreille.
The Spruce Ridge pyrite and quartz deposit, located near the crest of Washington's Cascade Range, was first explored in the 1950s by Bear Creek Mining.