Cascade Range

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a mountain range in the northwestern United States extending through Washington and Oregon and northern California

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All the fires were located in the Coast and Cascade ranges and, in several cases, were linked to logging-related slash burn piles that were reignited because of the strong winds, said Rod Nichols, a spokesman with the Oregon Department of Forestry.
Just across the river valley sits Girard Ridge, the westernmost edge of the Cascade Range.
The view from the center's windows makes it clear that powerful forces shaped this place: lava flows, volcanic ash falls, periodic floods, and mud slides all played parts in creating a channel that cuts through the Cascade Range at near sea level.
Hood is the tallest mountain in Oregon and one of the most popular and well-known glacial peaks in the Cascade range.
Like a well-illustrated geology lesson, the varied landforms around Castle Crags State Park show what happens when the sedimentary klamath Mountains meet the volcanic Cascade Range.
Smoke can be carried from the Cascade Range by cooling air that drains along valleys into the metro area at night and in the early morning.
The Columbia's grand gorge, just east of Portland Columbia Gorge, where the river broaches the Cascade Range, is the last hurrah of the West's mightiest river before it rolls on to the sea.
The National Weather Service was forecasting showers in the southern Willamette Valley and the central Cascade Range through Thursday.
California's Shasta Cascade contains seven national forests, eight national and state parks, the Trinity Alps, the northern Sierra Nevada and the California Cascade range.
In the evergreen thumb of the Cascade Range that pokes into Oregon's northwestern corner, winding two-lane roads often hug the banks of mountain creeks and rivers.
The vine maple, Acer circinatum, is found mixed with conifers on the western side of the Cascade Range from British Columbia south to northern California.
Panoramic views of Sierra Nevada Mountains and the Cascade Range are seen from the ranch.
Snow and freezing temperatures are forecast for the Cascade Range mountain passes this weekend.
In addition to the miles of trails and plentiful water sources, California's Shasta Cascade contains seven national forests, eight national and state parks, and several mountain ranges, including the Trinity Alps, the northern Sierra Nevada, and the California Cascade range.
Lassen Peak marks the southern end of the Cascade Range, a chain of volcanoes that includes Crater Lake, Mt.