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Today he uses his considerable government experience on behalf of the consulting firm he works for, Casals & Associates, with offices in Virginia, Nicaragua and Argentina.
For a while she developed an interest in the women's tennis tour and perhaps in a tennis player--although Rosie Casals, with whom she's been linked, was quoted in the March 7 Mail on Sun day as saying they were "extremely close friends, but not lovers.
Jacqueline Kennedy was America's "unofficial Minister of Culture," Reeves tells us, and "it was she, with the help of [JFK's press secretary] Pierre Salinger, who had trained as a concert pianist, who brought the cellist Pablo Casals, the composer Igor Stravinsky, and George Balanchine, the dance master, into the White House.
Among his friends were Einstein; Bertrand Russell; Martin Buber; Robert Oppenheimer; Pablo Casals, the famous cellist; Louis Meyer, the American sculptor who made a sculpture of Schweitzer's hands; and Adlai Stevenson, who, like Norman Cousins, had visited Schweitzer at Lambarene.
Jaime Casals explains, "This small farmer support project has been designed to further ANACAFE's goal of increasing exportable production by 30% during the next eight to ten years.
He rose to prominence as the principal cellist for Arturo Toscanini's CBS orchestra and, after the war, went to France to study with the legendary Catalan cellist Pablo Casals.
Companies Mentioned Bosch, Makita, Stanley Black & Decker, Techtronic Industries, Atlas Copco Electric Tools, Baier, Casals, Collomix, C.
The program will also include "colorful'' works by Casals, Ellington, Sondheim and other composers.
As is another Regis compilation: five CDs of all Elgar's major orchestral music (Campoli soloist in the Violin Concerto, Casals in the Cello Concerto), some little gems, too, under one of the very greatest of Elgar conductors, Sir Adrian Boult.
On his return to Barcelona in 1928 he became a central figure in the Catalonian avant-garde, befriending such figures as Pablo Casals and Joan Mir.
This 5-volume reference presents essays on 608 20th-century musicians and composers in all genres, with the classical cellist Pablo Casals followed by Johnny Cash, for example, or Art Tatum followed by Sir John Tavener, making this an enjoyable work for browsing.
He almost always worked in Barcelona, which is where his professional training began, and this show contains some outstanding portraits of celebrated figures of the day (Pablo Casals, Margarita Xirgu, and others) as well as images of the agitated social and political life of the time and of the war, which he covered from Barcelona and from the Aragon front during the counterattack against the Fascist army.
The acclaimed Spanish string ensemble Cuarteto Casals along with oboist Thomas Gallant will perform at 3 p.
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