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1991), the palmyra palm Borassus flabellifer (Dissanayake, 1986; Khieu, 1996), the solitary fish tail palm Caryota urens (Dissanayake, 1977, 1986), the coconut Cocos nucifera (Kitze & Johnson, 1975), the mangrove palm Nypa fruticans (Fong, 1989; Miah et al.
A: Many clumping palms (like Caryota, Chamaedorea, Chamaerops, Ptychosperma, and Rhapis) can be divided.
Germination of Caryota has been described by Gatin (1906a),
Several men considered that the sundering of sky and earth had been wrought by a primeval inner thunderclap, while others held to a different version: a palmtree belonging to the Caryota species (sariwat, in Tok Pisin limbum) was the power that had been responsible.
Sago" among those groups refers not only to Metroxylon sagu but also Eugeissona utilis, Arenga, Caryota, and Corypha (Sellato personal communication).