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As is the case with many other members of the Caryophyllales, Portulaca oleracea contains betalains rather than anthocyanins, but little is known about the medicinal values of betacyanin extracted from Portulaca oleracea.
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Caryophyllales (Aizoaceae, Nyctaginaceae, Polygonaceae), Ericales (Cyrillaceae, Styracaceae) and Rutaceae, and Combretaceae.
Patterson WG, Xu S, Salt TA (1991) Sterols of Caryophyllales with emphasis on Amaranthacese.
Wood and stem anatomy of Rhabdodendraceae is consistent with placement in Caryophyllales sensu lato.
viellardii Baillon [210] CARYOPHYLLALES Cactaceae Discocactus cristallophilus Diers & E.
This punctual harmony led Huber (1977) to propose a single natural unit for monocotyledons and basic Ranales (in 1982 and 1991 expanded to include Caryophyllales, but see Dahlgren & Bremer, 1985) and to separate them from the main body of dicotyledons.
Flowering plants, Dicotyledons: Malvales, Capparales, and non-betalain Caryophyllales.
Vorlaufigc Untersuchungen Uber Umfang, Systematischen Stellung und Gliederung der Caryophyllales (Centrospermae).