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Since these cryptochromes act in the production of anthocyanin, we believe that these receptors may also be associated with the production of betalains, once they are exclusively present in the order Caryophyllales, replacing anthocyanins (Gandia-Herrero et al., 2005).
Within the members of Caryophyllales, various aspects of micromorphology have been studied, for example, seed coat micromorphology of Aizoaceae, Gisekiaceae [12], Molluginaceae [13], Caryophyllaceae [14], and epicuticular waxes of Amaranthaceae members such as Arthraerua [15], Gomphrena [16], and Centrosperms [17].
Phylogenetic relationships and evolution of growth form in Cactaceae (Caryophyllales, Eudicotyledoneae).
Se determinaron los siguientes taxa: Caryophyllales, Poaceae, Boraginaceae, Chenopodiaceae.
Hernandez-Hernandez T, Hernandez MH, De-Nova JA, Puente R, Eguiarte LE, Magallon S (2011) Phylogenetic relationships and evolution of growth form in Cactaceae (Caryophyllales, Eudicotyledonae).
Fs Caryophyllales -- Core Eudicotyledoneae Polygonaceae Polygonum acuminatum Kunth Em P.
A phylogenetic hypothesis for the Aizoaceae (Caryophyllales) based on four plastid DNA regions.
This newest addition to the definitive work carries on amongst the dicots, listing 740 species in 74 genera and three families, including Caryophyllales (pink order), Polygonales (Buckwheat order) and Plumbaginales (Leadwort order).
The family's taxonomic position is uncertain; they are now included in the order Caryophyllales and are thought to be closely related to the families Cactaceae and Aizoaceae.
Miiller and Borsch (2005) and Sage et al., (2007) placed Amaranthus in the order Caryophyllales, family Amaranthaceae, subfamily Amaranthoideae, tribe Amarantheae, sub-tribe Amaranthinae, genus Amaranthus and according to Sauer (1967) into the section Amaranthus.