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English general considered one of the greatest generals in history (1650-1722)

British statesman and leader during World War II

a Canadian town in northern Manitoba on Hudson Bay

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So what would Caryl Churchill have adults tell Palestinian children had she written the play in that way?
As a socialist feminist, Caryl Churchill underlines the double oppression of working class women (both for their gender in hetero- patriarchal society and for their class in the capitalist order) at the hands of another woman in British history in most of her plays including Owners (1972) and Top Girls (1982).
For a prolific playwright such as David Hare, or one who has made great leaps of originality with almost every new play, such as Caryl Churchill, the emphasis on early plays gives a severely constricted and even misleading view of his or her preoccupations, innovations, and typical style.
Churchill's Socialism: Political Resistance in the Plays of Caryl Churchill.
Caryl Churchill and Anita Nair, both female authors, have highlighted the issues of modern women in "Top Girls"1 and "Ladies Coupe"2 respectively.
The crimes committed against the people of Gaza inspired the British playwright Caryl Churchill to write "Seven Jewish Children" -- a play of seven monologues that roughly correspond to events in Jewish and Palestinian history over the last 70 years.
The most riveting parts of Trials of the Diaspora trace the Jewish image in English writing from Chaucer to Caryl Churchill, via Shakespeare and Wordsworth.
Palestine Solidarity Campaign announced Monday that celebrated playwright Caryl Churchill will be among those taking part in its annual Christmas concert on December 1st to highlight the plight of the Occupied Holy Land.
In a letter, they say the play, written by Caryl Churchill, is also historically inaccurate.
The feminist play, by Caryl Churchill, was originally set in the time of the 17th century witchcraft trials.
People think that or ask that, but I remember Caryl Churchill saying she really never understood why that was.
The play, by Caryl Churchill, which is showing tonight and tomorrow, is based on the life of working women in the 1980s and is not suitable for under-14s.
Supported by an outstanding cast that includes Megan Austin Oberle, Kirsten Potter, Samantha Robson, Kate Steele, Concetta Tomei, and Missy Yager, this Caryl Churchill play, "Top Girls", is professionally directed by John Rubinstein and presents the listener with a truly impressive 'theatre of the mind' experience--the kind that is special to the resonating imagination and epitomizes the best of what live theatre has to offer an appreciative audience.
6) by juxtaposing Jonson and a number of modern playwrights: John Arden, Joe Orton, Peter Barnes, Caryl Churchill, and Alan Ayckbourn.