Carya illinoensis

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tree of southern United States and Mexico cultivated for its nuts

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0 -- * Other includes: Carya illinoensis, Carya spp.
Carya illinoensis orchards in the southeastern United States often are amply irrigated to increase early flowering and yield of nuts (Worley, 1982; Stein et al.
1985 Table III Species of woody plants showing stomatal closure in response to flooding Species Source Betula papyifera Tang & Kozlowski, 1982c Betula nigra Norby & Kozlowski, 1983 Carya illinoensis Smith & Ager, 1988; Wazir et al.
Throughout the South, Carya illinoensis can be found in most nurseries and garden centers that sell trees.
Common Name Scientific Name Box elder Acer negundo Chittamwood Bumelia lanuginosa Pecan Carya illinoensis Sugar hackberry Celtis laevigata American hackberry Celtis occidentalis Rough-leaf dogwood Cornus drummondii Hawthorn Crataegus spp.
Carya illinoensis, Celtis laevigata, Quercus shumardii, and Q.