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A range of photographs of Cary Grant will be on exhibition.
Genie Beach, 72, of Egremont Road, Penylan, Cardiff, recalls that her mother May Kingdon, whose cousin was Archibald Alexander Leach - otherwise known as Cary Grant - never talked much of her superstar relative.
You can pick up two more Cary Grant classics - Penny Serenade and His Girl Friday - for pounds 5.
A 1958 letter from Cary Grant asks that the company keep him apprised of new developments in the company's shirt line: "My temerity is at a low ebb today, but I venture to ask that you let me know if Levi Strauss ever evolve(s) a line of absolutely plain un-checked, un-metal-threaded, absolutely solid-colored shirts .
Cary Grant was linked with a string of glamourous actresses and married five times, whereas Johnny Depp dated several Hollywood women before settling down with wife Vanessa Paradis.
What made Cary Grant special as a leading man was the range of characters he could play.
Other former residents: Randolph Scott and Cary Grant (who were roommates) and Marlene Dietrich.
ACTRESS Julianne Moore has compared Pierce Brosnan to screen legend Cary Grant.
Had he lived, Cary Grant would have been 100 later this month.
The 37-cent Cary Grant stamp is available beginning today at Los Angeles post offices and, starting tomorrow, it will be available at post offices across the country.
A STATUE commemorating actor Cary Grant is due to be erected in his home city of Bristol to mark the 70th anniversary of his arrival in Hollywood, it was revealed today.
So if George wants to get back to being a heart-throb, he should do what Cary Grant did - wear black polo necks, perfect a slow, wry smile and wear a stethoscope every chance he gets.
Films by Alfred Hitchcock, George Romero, Trey Parker and Matt Stone and Oliver Stone; Hollywood icons such as John Wayne, Cary Grant, Frank Sinatra, and Bella Lugosi; early appearances by future superstars like Robert DeNiro and Kevin Costner; and cult classics like Tunnelvision with Chevy Chase and John Candy and the uncut version of Comedies Dirtiest Dozen starring Chris Rock and Tim Allen.
The 1959 film starring Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint and directed by Hitchcock had the greatest impact on the way men look and dress, according to US men's magazine GQ.
MR SMOOTH: Cary Grant with Eva Marie Saint in North By Northwest