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Synonyms for carving

Synonyms for carving

a sculpture created by removing material (as wood or ivory or stone) in order to create a desired shape

removing parts from hard material to create a desired pattern or shape

creating figures or designs in three dimensions

References in classic literature ?
Beautiful prospectuses, sir, all flourished over with Gothic devices in red ink, saying it was a disgrace not to restore the church and repair the famous carvings, and so on.
In Lucerne, too, the wood carvings of other sorts, which had been so pleasant to look upon when one saw them occasionally at home, soon began to fatigue us.
I have seen him smile in his quiet way because I had looked for the fourth time towards the carving squire.
Her right hand skimmed slightly the end of the table, and when she had passed on towards the sofa the carving knife had vanished without the slightest sound from the side of the dish.
It was the handle of the domestic carving knife with nothing strange about it but its position at right angles to Mr Verloc's waistcoat and the fact that something dripped from it.
Here is a turkey to carve; and I flatter myself that I understand carving a turkey, or, for that matter, a goose, as well as any man alive.
But what is most needful, sirs, is that each of us should choose the name of the shepherdess he means to glorify in his verses, and that we should not leave a tree, be it ever so hard, without writing up and carving her name on it, as is the habit and custom of love-smitten shepherds.
The young men and warriors produced their spears, paddles, canoe-gear, battle-clubs, and war-conchs, and occupied themselves in carving, all sorts of figures upon them with pointed bits of shell or flint, and adorning them, especially the war-conchs, with tassels of braided bark and tufts of human hair.
I loitered about awhile, and then, for want of something better to do, fell to carving a railing with my knife.
My writing is something after the fashion of those little baskets and carving which Liza Mertsalova used to sell me from the prisons.
But it's no matter; he should not shut up my path if he were fifty baronets melted into one and living in a hundred Chesney Wolds, one within another, like the ivory balls in a Chinese carving.
Archeologists have discovered ancient cliff carvings in the Meymeh and Shahin Shahr districts of Esfahan Province, estimated to be up to five millennia old, a senior official at the Iranian Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization (ICHHTO) said.
In order to sculpt his carvings, Peppard begins by cutting large, flat surfaces out of a trunk.
ABSTRACT: Malay wood carvings are seen as man's spontaneous reaction towards his environment when the availability of local material was used to achieve aesthetics value with functional natural ventilation.
THESE tiny, pencil-tip carvings have become the signature work of a - very patient - artist.