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Synonyms for Carver

United States botanist and agricultural chemist who developed many uses for peanuts and soy beans and sweet potatoes (1864-1943)

makes decorative wooden panels

an artist who creates sculptures

someone who carves the meat


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While police made checks on Carver and the car he was in, he started the Rover and rammed a stationary police vehicle, also hitting a parked Renault Scenic before pulling away.
Griggs, Via Letter CRAIG SAYS: I completely agree that the prospect of Carver in charge next season is a bleak one.
They want Carver, and first team coach Steve Stone, to remain as they are both Geordies and passionate about the club.
That will require more wins with just two in 11 games since Carver took the reigns when Alan Pardew quit.
The bank also named Takisia Whites as president of Carver Community Development, She will continue in her current role as non-profit team leader in the bank's Lending Department.
demolishing and disposing structures at Carver WWTP and at Medina Lift Station 662, and a 1-
Instead of staying with the passenger, the sergeant followed the Corvette for about a mile before the car pulled over again, Carver said.
While I will miss serving Carver with my colleagues on the Board, I am delighted by the dramatic progress the Bank has made through the hard work of everyone at Carver," said Mr.
In an age where scientists had begun to view science and religion as mutually exclusive, Carver stood out for his insistence that science provides proof of God's existence.
According to the terms of the alliance, Carver will have the opportunity to underwrite or be a part of the underwriting syndicate for Apollo transactions, including acquisitions, construction and permanent financing in Upper Manhattan.
In his volume of collected poems, All of Us, Carver stakes a claim to poetic tradition.