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Synonyms for Carver

United States botanist and agricultural chemist who developed many uses for peanuts and soy beans and sweet potatoes (1864-1943)

makes decorative wooden panels

an artist who creates sculptures

someone who carves the meat


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The carver, still in the same secrecy that marked all his operations upon this mysterious image, proceeded to paint the habiliments in their proper colors, and the countenance with Nature's red and white.
And will you," said he to the carver, "permit this masterpiece to become the figure-head of a vessel?
The bigots of the day hinted that it would be no matter of surprise if an evil spirit were allowed to enter this beautiful form, and seduce the carver to destruction.
The carver stood beside his creation mending the beautiful fan, which by some accident was broken in her hand.
He was again the mechanical carver that he had been known to be all his lifetime.
It rendered him a genius for that one occasion, but, quenched in disappointment, left him again the mechanical carver in wood, without the power even of appreciating the work that his own hands had wrought.
To-night at supper," said the carver, "the shortcomings of the dinner shall be made good, and your lordship shall be fully contented.
The carver made signs to the farmer to leave the room, which he did with his head down, and to all appearance in terror lest the governor should carry his threats into effect, for the rogue knew very well how to play his part.
As it turns out, they're a pack of guns hired by the ruthlessly obsessive Carver (Liam Neeson).
Carver played for the Bluebirds during the mid-1980s, but was released after only 15 first team appearances under manager Alan Durban.
According to the terms of the alliance, Carver will have the opportunity to underwrite or to be part of the underwriting syndicate for Apollo transactions, including acquisition, construction and permanent financing, in Upper Manhattan.
Carver must dig for it through dusty library books.
Editor George Chemeche dedicated the book to the Yoruba carvers who have produced such fine works, whose beauty and spiritual meaning are worth discovering.
el primer libro de relatos que Carver escribio y reescribio a lo largo de quince anos.
I juxtaposed the laconic prose of Carver with the dense, expository-like fiction of Andre Dubus, whose Selected Stories was another "career collection.