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Synonyms for jack-o'-lantern

a pale light sometimes seen at night over marshy ground

lantern carved from a pumpkin

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All told, the community donated 5,278 carved pumpkins for ShelterCare.
All entries must be made via the email address provided and include an accompanying photograph of the carved pumpkin and the child together.
Now just in its second year, Eugene's own Jack-o-Lanterns on Fifth could boast - Bassi didn't have an exact figure - slightly less than 5,000 carved pumpkins of nearly every imaginable variety.
They're alluring even in daytime, thanks to reflective facets that no ordinary carved pumpkin can claim.
The Penistone Halloween Spooktacular will include a fancy dress and a carved pumpkin competition.
PUMPKIN WEEK AT HATTON ADVENTURE WORLD From October 22 to 30, children can visit Hatton in Warwick to pick their own free pumpkin, carve it in the spooky marquee and then enter the best carved pumpkin competition to win a host of prizes.
Children under 18 can get in free if you come in fancy dress and remember to bring your carved pumpkin to be in with a chance of winning a prize.
* Only visit houses with Halloween decorations such as a carved pumpkin in the window.
Which is probably why the more pagan festival of Hallowe'en on October 31 is suddenly taking off, complete with spooky, carved pumpkin heads and a whole shopping basket full of toys, masks, sweets and in-store activities.
Activities include fancy dress and carved pumpkin competitions to be judged by the Mayor, 'dressing the mummy,' face painting and skeleton building.
SPOOK-TACULAR: Gemma Clarke shows off a carved pumpkin
Families are invited to join in the fun of the zoo's Pumpkin Festival and if their child brings a carved pumpkin with them, then he or she can get into the zoo for free.
* Only visit houses with Halloween decorations such as a carved pumpkin in the window - not everyone will welcome trick or treaters, so please respect their views.
Give your home and garden a glow with carved pumpkin lanterns and colourful candles.
IT might look like a game, but introducing items such as ropes, poles, or, in this case, a carved pumpkin, into the Sumatran Tiger Reserve at West Midland Safari Park is an essential part of the Park's animal enrichment programme.