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establish or create through painstaking effort

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remove from a larger whole

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American farmers would have been without legal recourse [at the WTO] if the EU had access to a similar carve-out," says John Murphy of the Chamber of Commerce.
To examine the efficiency of the pricing of carve-out IPOs, we analyze a sample of over 300 ECOs in the United States over a 25-year period from 1985 to 2009.
5) During the 1990s, 16 states implemented mental health carve-out arrangements within their state Medicaid programs.
However, as Maginnis demonstrates, a vertical carve-out does not necessarily mean that the transaction receives capital-gain treatment.
Stripped to essentials, a carve-out is a special agreement between unions and contractors, operating outside a state's workers' compensation system.
If your company has decided to separate a subsidiary, you'll need to choose which method of going public is best for your firm: issuing tracking stock, doing an equity carve-out, or spinning off the unit to existing shareholders.
Like its predecessors, the carve-out enables a subsidiary to draw on the wisdom, experience, and practical assistance of the executive center.
Wynnchurch manages a number of private equity funds with capital under management in excess of $1 billion specializing in management buyouts, recapitalizations, corporate carve-outs, restructurings and growth capital.
Following a carve-out, the parent's control ranges from majority ownership to no ownership of the subsidiary.
New market forces - insurer integration into the provider business, "mega-mergers, price and premium reductions, a scramble to create speciaby carve-out networks, and the like - have emerged that are placing significant pressure on academic medical centers.
Sterling acquired the business from DuPont in 2011, its fourth carve-out from DuPont.
In a session on strategies for reversing the discriminatory tactics of mental health carve-outs, other speakers said that psychiatry needs to work more closely with the American Medical Association, which has been more aggressive than the American Psychiatric Association in addressing the carve-out issue.
Using a large sample of equity carve-out events during the 1980s and 1990s, we find that rivals of carve-out parent firms display negative announcement-period returns.
Founded in 1989, the firm has invested in 72 companies with aggregate value of over $60 billion in the form of traditional buyouts, going-private transactions, recapitalizations, growth capital investments, corporate carve-outs and selective public equity and debt positions.
Avista is a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) formed through the recent, strategic carve-outs of the CMC business of Array BioPharma, Inc.