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establish or create through painstaking effort

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remove from a larger whole

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It is expected that digital bank carve-outs will offer higher rates to depositors and provide additional digital account functionality to compete with the online-only banks.
In many cases parents receive debt repayments or dividends as part of the carve-out proceeds (Allen and McConnell 1998 and Madura and Nixon 2002).
In the event that guarantors will agree to this type of carve-out which may not necessarily be the result of "bad acts" or fall within their control, at a minimum, these carve-outs should not be triggered until applicable notice is given and cure periods have passed and such carve-out should be limited to when the carve-out event has a material adverse effect on the property.
Finally, the participant education carve-out will continue to allow information regarding the plan to be disseminated, but, in a departure from current practice, asset-allocation models would no longer need to specifically identify investment options that meet the allocation model.
Thompson's (2010) conclusion that initial return of carve-out IPOs can be predicted based on the public information available before the offer day corroborates the evidence.
Even though carve-out contracts in health care delivery have existed for some time in the United States, (11) it was during the same period as the introduction of these psychotropic drugs that significant transformations occurred in the delivery of mental health services and in the broader adoption of carve-out contracts.
A horizontal carve-out is one in which the owner disposes of part of his interest and also retains a portion of it.
What constitutes a "carve-out," and which of its features are responsible for this apparent success?
Initially, there may be reasons to float a minority stake in a subsidiary through a carve-out instead of floating a majority or full stake.
At least that's the main idea of taking a business unit public through a spin-off, tracking stock, or equity carve-out. These restructuring techniques do more than raise equity funds.
PCPs affiliated with Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania were surveyed on the nature and quality of consultation and referral practices they had with individual mental health providers and mental health carve-out organizations.
Here is what a carve-out does to help companies exploit growth opportunities and increase shareholder value.
We observe that independent variables explain 38% of the variation in carve-out ex-date returns for acquired COSOs with pre-announced spinoffs.
The firm invests in founder-owned businesses as a first-time capital partner, as well as in corporate carve-outs, taking both control and significant, minority-stake positions.