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establish or create through painstaking effort

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remove from a larger whole

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In Section V, we outline econometric issues including formulating a set of panel data econometric models to assess empirically the effects of carve-out implementation on new technology utilization.
However, as Maginnis demonstrates, a vertical carve-out does not necessarily mean that the transaction receives capital-gain treatment.
2002) for details of how acquisitions vary along the tax dimension depending on whether the deal involves C- or S-corporations, subsidiaries, spinoffs, carve-outs, etc.
Stripped to essentials, a carve-out is a special agreement between unions and contractors, operating outside a state's workers' compensation system.
Similarly, Palm was in a better position to close strategic alliances with AOL, Motoral, and Nokia after its carve-out from 3Com.
If your company has decided to separate a subsidiary, you'll need to choose which method of going public is best for your firm: issuing tracking stock, doing an equity carve-out, or spinning off the unit to existing shareholders.
Quality of mental health care was perceived to be lower for patients who were referred to mental health carve-out programs compared to those referred to individual mental health providers (55.
Like its predecessors, the carve-out enables a subsidiary to draw on the wisdom, experience, and practical assistance of the executive center.
Further, the company said that KCFT will leverage KKR's expertise in completing complex, strategic carve-outs from global corporations and supporting them in operating as independent entities.
Further, KCFT will leverage KKR's expertise in completing complex, strategic carve-outs from corporations worldwide and supporting these companies in operating as independent entities.
Often lenders will include a carve-out for losses in the event that borrowers breach, terminate or modify key documents such as reciprocal easement agreements that are essential to the operation of the property.
Several exceptions to these types of advice were explicitly identified in the proposed regulation, including: counterparty exceptions, swaps-based carve-outs, a plan sponsor employee carve-out, platform provider and selection and monitoring assistance carve-outs, one for investment education and another for certain valuation activities.
In other words, the action suggests the SEC views merely having a confidentiality agreement without a carve-out for protected whistleblowing as a violation of Commission rules.
Generally, the offering proceeds are reinvested in the carve-out or are paid to the parent as debt reduction or a special dividend.
negotiators are pushing a carve-out for tobacco regulation that could damage those talks.