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English clergyman who invented the power loom (1743-1823)

a workman who makes and repairs carts and wagons

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When the member of the public, who said Cartwright appeared to be homeless, offered to take him for a drink, he responded by saying he would probably not get in but was assured the man knew the pub manager and it would be fine.
Iain Cartwright, who admitted affray and possessing drugs
Cartwright replaces Anton Colella, who will step down in March 2018 after 11 years to take up the role of chief executive of the Moore Stephens International accounting and consultancy network.
Fundraiser instructions: This fundraiser is only for any book written by Digger Cartwright purchased at www.
An inquest at Cardiff Coroners' Court heard Mr Cartwright, who lived in Aberdare, was last seen by his father Michael four days before his death when he viewed a flat.
This Week: Rick Cartwright, director of the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service
Diane Cartwright, from Mynytho, Gwynedd , chained herself to the door of the EE store in the Deiniol Shopping Centre, Bangor for four hours on Tuesday to try to get bosses to give her a working phone or release her from her contract.
A Lane County jury earlier this month convicted Patrick Scott Cartwright of theft and aggravated theft.
Intruder Jonathan Cartwright sneaked through a back door of the property in Seymour Road, Lye, in April last year while the homeowner watched TV in the lounge.
Robert Cartwright, 38, of Kennedy Close, Beddau, had been employed at the Bioequipment company on the Hirwaun Industrial Estate, Hirwaun, between February and the summer this year.
2) His fascination with the history of games and sport led him to publish Ball, Bat and Bishop in 1947, a book that would help unravel the myth of Abner Doubleday's 1839 invention of the game in Cooperstown, New York, and open the door to the notion that a myriad of other players, including Alexander Joy Cartwright, developed it instead.
They had been asleep at the house in Billingham when divorcee Graham Cartwright, 45, let himself in using a key he had been given for emergencies.
Ann Cartwright, of Croftlands, admitted dishonestly making a false statement to obtain a benefit.
GARRANDALE has designed, manufactured and installed a bespoke boom welding machine at Cartwright Group to speed up the production process and increase manufacturing turnaround.
James Hoss Cartwright, who was Joint Chiefs vice chairman, allegedly leaked information about a U.