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a person who draws cartoons

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In March, Bahadyr Baruter and Euzer Aydoy-an, cartoonists for Penguen, were each sentenced to 11 months imprisonment, which the court converted into a fine.
Some cartoonists also worry whether the attack on the Paris office of a publication that caricatured the Prophet Mohammed could dampen a willingness to speak out, including in countries that may not face religious extremism but do experience a growing intolerance for free speech as governments clamp down.
Cartoons are more popular than ever, and as newspapers adjust to the digital world, many editors seem unable to figure out how to best position their cartoonists to take advantage of all the new tools available to them.
Leading political cartoonist of Indian Express, E P Unny moderated the session.
Donnelly's visit to the Palestinian territory, organized by the US State Department and the US Consulate in Jerusalem, aimed to exchange expertise and experiences between both Palestinian and American cartoonists.
Freelance cartoonist Martin Rowson, chairman of the British Cartoonists' Association, said the judges had spread all the entries out in a room at a London pub to see which one made them laugh the most.
This revolution will regain Yemeni artistic and cultural status," According to Sharaf, many Yemeni cartoonists are reluctant to participate in the revolution.
BEIRUT: Cartoonists representing a variety of Lebanese newspapers gathered in Beirut's Madina Theater Thursday for a discussion sponsored by the Swiss Embassy titled "How to Draw Lebanon Today," in a bid to launch a week-long exhibition at the theater featuring their collaborative works.
Because cartoons can be a form of social commentary, cartoonists need to keep up with current events.
Readers refer to cartoonists only when they're angry.
One way cartoonists express an idea is through personification.
Attitude 3: The New Subversive Online Cartoonists covers online web cartoonists: over twenty daring, original creators whose works appear on the Net.
When the subject comes up in conversations with cartoonists such as Winters or media veterans such as University of Missouri journalism professor Geneva Overholser, three prominent female editorial cartoonists are mentioned.
Many newspapers have decided not to hire a full-time editorial cartoonist, but instead publish the readily available work of syndicated cartoonists.
Joel Pett, editorial cartoonist for the Lexington Herald-Leader and winner of a 2000 Pulitzer Prize, says newspaper mergers and tightened budgets "have cut [the number of cartoonists] in hall in the last 20 years.