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a film made by photographing a series of cartoon drawings to give the illusion of movement when projected in rapid sequence


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Samturned penny-pinching minimalism into a science by ignoring colour and using cartoon animation for the flying-shots.
There will be 75 workshops taught by the world's leading educators and experts on calligraphy, silk painting, trash sculpture making, and cartoon animation.
UNTIL RECENTLY, THE WORDS "WEB CONFERencing" conjured up the image of small-framed and jerky video that was akin to bad cartoon animation. Voices would speak, but there would be no movement on screen.
They are drawn as if intended to be single frames of a cartoon animation and, on reading the accompanying label, this sense of impending movement corresponds to the images' source: an article from an English newspaper reporting a countrywide science project in which thousands of schoolchildren jumped simultaneously in an (unsuccessful) attempt to create a vibration strong enough to measure on the Richter scale.
Sally Williams Jones' golden rules of cartoon animation: Chuck Jones, the creator of Roadrunner and Wile E Coyote, stuck to some golden rules of animation.
For example, Butler just developed an animation and movie production program to prepare students for careers in video game production, cartoon animation and movie making.
A doubling in `virtual racing', a computerised, cartoon animation of horseracing, has been put on stand-by for Friday, with plans for loyal tracks to replace `problem' ones held in readiness.
Mary Shelley's classic is brought back to life in a surreal fashion by Forkbeard Fantasy's cine-magic, cartoon animation and mechanical sets.
It also features a multi-task environment and adds authoring for karaoke, cartoon animation, and even full-length films.
Without attempting to reclaim Rubino indiscriminately for Futurism, I propose to legitimize him as 'Futurist manque', or rather as a missed opportunity on the part of Italian Futurism, particularly for his indirect contribution to the developing art of cinema in Italy through his experiments with cartoon animation. (3) 'The individual', 'paroliberismo', and 'war' are additional 'themes' or 'pathways' explored in order to assess the extent and nature of Rubino's contribution that remained entirely potential.
This point-and-click paella western stands out because of its excellent cartoon animation.
Stepping further into multimedia terrain, Ehrlich Associates has added color graphics and cartoon animation to the basic encyclopedia format.
According to Manager of Animiz, Jason Chan, their team studied with dedication other available cartoon animation makers in the industry and found out that available programs are not capable enough to build animation videos quickly.
Coupled with cartoon animation, techno-pop music, and capped by a pyrotechnics display makes the show a cut above the rest, enough to make it a perennial winner in the Aliwan Fiesta competitions.