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a film made by photographing a series of cartoon drawings to give the illusion of movement when projected in rapid sequence


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The movie has also won several US awards like Gold Remi Award of "WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival" and Official Selection Award of "Chinese American Film Festival", highlighting the integration capability of the Group in the cartoon animation field.
5 /PRNewswire/ -- Beginning this February KyLinTV will exclusively offer all-new content consisting of four major mini-series dramas and a Chinese-produced cartoon animation.
UNTIL RECENTLY, THE WORDS "WEB CONFERencing" conjured up the image of small-framed and jerky video that was akin to bad cartoon animation.
They are drawn as if intended to be single frames of a cartoon animation and, on reading the accompanying label, this sense of impending movement corresponds to the images' source: an article from an English newspaper reporting a countrywide science project in which thousands of schoolchildren jumped simultaneously in an (unsuccessful) attempt to create a vibration strong enough to measure on the Richter scale.
For example, Butler just developed an animation and movie production program to prepare students for careers in video game production, cartoon animation and movie making.
Mary Shelley's classic is brought back to life in a surreal fashion by Forkbeard Fantasy's cine-magic, cartoon animation and mechanical sets.
Reducing head count by several hundred in cartoon animation, although those numbers fluctuate along with production cycles.
It also features a multi-task environment and adds authoring for karaoke, cartoon animation, and even full-length films.
This point-and-click paella western stands out because of its excellent cartoon animation.
Additional features offered by the cameras' front LCD screens include a self-portrait mode, a couples' mode which will automatically snap a photo when it detects two faces tilted toward each other, a children's setting which will play a cartoon animation with sound to encourage young ones to smile for the camera, and a self-timer which provides a visual countdown so that everyone posing for a photo knows exactly when to smile.
The bonus materials do offer some recompense, featuring extra plot points from the film, some movie cuts and cartoon animation.
Allen Hunt, brand manager for Tetley, said: "The standard of entries was outstandingly strong and varied from cartoon animation to tabel-top footage, musical drama and technical wizardry.
Not only did he get the opportunity to re-enact the stories that held him spellbound him since childhood,he also found that doing voice-overs for a cartoon animation was a fantastic way to rediscover the inner child.
Cartoon animation has come a long way since Walt Disney first married sound and motion in Steamboat Willie back in 1928.
USAnimation V5 is the latest iteration of Toon Boom's flagship software, the most popular software in the 2D cartoon animation market.