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the making of maps and charts

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Since the mid-1990s, police departments in Chicago and other cities have sought to exploit the "digital explosion" of low-cost computing and merge database software with geographic information systems (GIS) to represent crime cartographically (Heaton, 2000; John and Maguire, 2012; Maguire, 2000; Ratcliffe, 2002; Vigneswaran, 2014).
Muhimu Mapping Project's goal was to formalize the settlement cartographically. They hoped that doing so would bring local and international attention to Nairobi's 'invisible' population, and precipitate state engagement.
spatially, geographically, cartographically. If literature becomes
Because I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that Mandela died in prison in the eighties; I am 100 per cent sure that Japan is much further south than is cartographically evidenced; and chartreuse -- far from being the kind of colour you'd be seeing coming up the wrong way if you'd had a bad head of broccoli -- is actually, to my mind, a pleasant pinky red.
Figure 2 shows cartographically the estimated marginal effect of each of our three treatment scripts for each EU-27 nation where the marginal effect is statistically significant at at least the 10% level.
Cartographically the participants preferred 40% transparency levels for the shadow representations and overwhelmingly preferred the volumetric shadows to the ground draped shadows.
Orientalism thus becomes cartographically reoriented into European "Southernism," constituted by the "topoi of a torpid, sunny, and passionate south" with its "licentious women" and hot tempers (379).
They showed the captaincy "as an autonomous entity," cartographically "separate from the Portuguese colonies in Brazil" (p.
Cartographically, Spruner is best known for his historical atlases, most of which were published by the Justus Perthes firm.
We have yet to create a literary map of Canada that might allow us to explore, cartographically, the imbrication of place and memory that so much Canadian literature traces.
Cartographically al Map enlarged to 1:25,000 for image interpretation Other Maps Updating settlements distribution and augmenting the information on the base (topographical) map.
Eastside was never an official, cartographically assigned region of the city; it was a local identification, a kind of 'urban myth'.