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the making of maps and charts

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Since the mid-1990s, police departments in Chicago and other cities have sought to exploit the "digital explosion" of low-cost computing and merge database software with geographic information systems (GIS) to represent crime cartographically (Heaton, 2000; John and Maguire, 2012; Maguire, 2000; Ratcliffe, 2002; Vigneswaran, 2014).
Muhimu Mapping Project's goal was to formalize the settlement cartographically.
It is also the first attempt to overview Samogitia Dioceze and present it to the public and also the first try of both visually and cartographically illustrated description of Samogitia Dioceze (Fig.
Cartographically al Map enlarged to 1:25,000 for image interpretation Other Maps Updating settlements distribution and augmenting the information on the base (topographical) map.
Goldberg's earlier quote that identified the river as a border in Edwidge Danticat's Farming of Bones, is especially pertinent here: "[T]he river cartographically and symbolically figures the blurred, flowing border between nations that also signifies life and death in the novel's symbolic scheme.
Eastside was never an official, cartographically assigned region of the city; it was a local identification, a kind of 'urban myth'.
Thus the territory of the subject is vast and the cartographically constituted nomadic subject is always a partial, temporary and active fragmenting of the figuration from an unimaginably complex, dynamic, interaction of processes.
Once inside, we grabbed a map (easy to read, even by this cartographically challenged writer's standards
The sources, however, said that both Lebanon and Israel had presented cartographically justifiable proposals.
Through such animation the journey is at once temporally and cartographically represented via visual modalities producing a dynamic effect which mimics the journey's evolution and deconstructs the linearity of printed pages, so that "each successive [web]page may have a different reading path" (Kress and van Leeuwen 179).
The methodological approach used in this work to quantitatively and to cartographically estimate the existence of such erosion-prone areas can be adopted in other countries where there are needs to assess, map, and estimate soil loss on a nationwide basis in order to better inform environmental policy needs for soil and water conservation.
The capacities of the roads, secondary routes, and parking sites had to be entered in small-scale maps in such a way as to give cartographically correct pictures of where columns and individual vehicles were at any time and of security distances and intervals between marching units.
The purpose of this suffering is to create and sustain a larger order that is, in turn, represented cartographically by the maps that the cortesanos are able to enjoy in comfort.
Such discourses would have to be overwhelmed or, in certain cases, cartographically circumscribed such that indigenous appeals for nonintervention on their lands and bodies could remain, in good conscience, unheeded.