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A third key link to da Vinci's works is a remarkable, but again little known, page from his notebooks containing an intensive exploration of what seem to be all the known cartographic projections of the globe at that time (reproduced in Figure 7).
Here, the most disempowered individuals of local rural society, the 'lame and blind', desperately recast the trigonometrical points of Everest's cartographic projection as magical pilgrimage sites: rhizome-like networks of re/de-territorialization, (21) which work their way into the cartographic text.
The biography of a man who created the cartographic projection that formed the most commonly used image of the Earth's surface is discussed in Mercator: The Man Who Mapped the Planet by Nicholas Crane (Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 20 [pounds sterling]).
A map of Iceland is used to perform this calculation, using the scale located on the meridian and centered on the island's latitude to minimize distortions derived from the cartographic projection used.