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Virdee revealed that he had recently undergone a cartilege operation and thought he would be okay, but the game was forced to continue without him.
But after a week of traumas from London, in the guise of Davis's cartilege problem,England can wait for Moyes after Rooney helped avoid more capital misery at Charlton.
I am not pre-empting anything but he could have ligament damage - maybe the medial ligament - and maybe even a damaged cartilege.
Geordies' boss Bobby Robson fears the worst and said: "If Kieron has cartilege damage he won't go.
Nick started taking alternative remedies to counteract the side-effects of radiotherapy, including an extract of shark cartilege.
Boa Morte, back after a cartilege operation, has been working with newly appointed Arsenal physio Tony Goldberg.
Sitting up all night so as not to cough, coughing so hard I tore the cartilege off three ribs.
But apart from Duane Darby and Paul Devlin being out, we've also lost Junior Brown who is set to have an operation on his cartilege.
It was thought Andy might have damaged cartilege but doctors have ruled that out.
While Andrew devotes his time to the childcare, Maria has a fivemonth-old Great Dane called Blade to treat for kinked cartilege in its eyelid.