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1999) and cartilaginous fishes (Francis and Francis, 1992; Francis, 1997; Francis and Mulligan, 1998; Simpendorfer, 2000; Simpendorfer, et al.
1758), are among the best documented examples of local extinctions in cartilaginous fishes as a result of fishing activities (Casey & Myers 1998, Francis et al.
Despite broad divergence, there are a number of common features of the brain that evolved at least as early as cartilaginous fishes and persist across all vertebrates," News.
Garman settled into the MCZ fish department and was immediately drawn to the cartilaginous fishes, an interest that lasted his entire life.
Given their ecological diversity, the eyes of cartilaginous fishes show particular adaptations to the light environment in which they live, as well as to their preferred feeding strategies and predator avoidance behaviors (Hueter et al.
When the first gnathostomes evolved during the Silurian, not only were teeth already formed, but the ability to form denticles like those found over the external surface of cartilaginous fishes had evolved and was found to extend throughout the entire oral mucosa (Kemp, 1999).
Therefore, when working with cartilaginous fishes (especially those at liberty for many years), it may be extremely important to obtain as many vertebrae as possible, to keep OTC-labeled centra away from light, to preplan microscope viewing sessions carefully, and to process and photograph samples quickly.