thyroid cartilage

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the largest cartilage of the larynx

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If that's not enough of a hole to let air go in and out, cut in a small circle, removing a portion of the cartilage ring to make a bigger hole.
sup][1] Nevertheless, we found that the poor prognosis in the most complex patients with congenital VR was associated with complete tracheal cartilage rings ( P = 0.
The high pressure in the cuff compresses the mucosa against the rigid tracheal cartilage rings, resulting in mucosal damage and ischaemic necrosis.
Further bronchoscopy following dilatation demonstrated complete reduction of the fractured cartilage rings and a widely patent lumen.
Paltauf felt that the failure of mesenchymal tissue between the thyroid and trachea to properly develop allows the primitive thyroid to adhere to the trachea, permitting caudal ingrowth into the trachea between the cartilage rings.
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