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an austere contemplative Roman Catholic order founded by St

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Hence the ceremony of giving the stole, maniple, and cross to the Carthusian nun during the consecration of a virgin would have come into the Carthusian order with the practices of the convent at Prebayon.
It has on the last page the inscription 'This book is for the use of Dame Jacqueline de Mons, nun of the church and monastery of the Carthusian order and sacristan of this church' (my translation).
Margaret Thompson, The Carthusian Order in England (London: SPCK, 1930), 313-334.
Although the author does provide in some places needed pertinent historical background (regarding the Carthusian order and regarding the backgrounds of the five men whose stories are told), what is missing is some larger critical perspective that might provide the reader clues about how the author herself understands and would like the reader to understand the experiences of the five men and the larger complex phenomenon--the monastic life--behind their experiences.
If life moves with a studied slowness at the Grand Chartreuse monastery in the French Alps, head monastery of the Carthusian order, so, too, does "Into Great Silence."
The Carthusian order has been so reclusive that few people, even the most devout Catholics, have heard of them.
INTO GREAT SILENCE (tbc, 164mins) is a lengthy and at times soporific documentary about life inside the Grande Chartreuse, the head monastery of the Carthusian Order in France.
Groening approached the Grand Prior of the Carthusian Order for permission to shoot inside the Great Charterhouse, high up in the French Alps, in the late 1980s, but was told his request was premature.
(3) The program began in 1995 when Professor Kent Emery of the University of Notre Dame (a world-renowned specialist in the Carthusian order) brought to the library's attention a precious Carthusian manuscript in the catalogue of a German antiquarian bookdealer.
The founder of the Carthusian Order would have been around seventy when he died at his monastery in southern Italy, after calling his brethren to him to hear his last confession.
Merton's dissatisfaction tempted him to leave the Trappists for the obscure hermit life of the Carthusian Order. Unable to see the road beyond his dissatisfaction, the young monk stayed faithful to his special Benedictine vows of stability (remaining in his monastery) and conversio morum, the continual willingness to allow God's grace to "change one's ways."
In about his fiftieth year, probably in 1458, Blacman entered the Carthusian order. He was apparently for some period a member of the London Charterhouse and then removed to the Charterhouse at Witham in Somerset.
? In the original Great Cloister, the footprint of two monks' cells will be reconstructed to illustrate how the monks lived and an acoustic box in one cell will demonstrate silence, a feature of the Carthusian order.