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a member of the Carthusian order

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Gerson's leadership at the University of Paris, the Council of Constance, and the Council of Basel (posthumously), as well as his close ties to the networks of Carthusian houses, enabled him to achieve an international renown that only grew after his death, as "coteries of readers" gave way to a "massive market" (p.
While no 'open market' for books existed, Gerson's massive output was disseminated widely, if not evenly, in Western Europe through what Hobbins calls 'distribution circles' such as the Councils of Constance and Basel and the network of Carthusian houses.
His theme, the potent effect of Carthusian spirituality on the state, is also that ofJeremy Catto in "Statesmen and Contemplatives in the Early Fifteenth Century," who argues that the founders of the seven new English Carthusian houses between 1343 and 1415 were "a group at the cutting edge," prominent in their deployment of Carthusian spiritual works.
The study concludes with a comparison of the architecture of Mount Grace with other Carthusian houses (see the review of The Charterhouse, this issue, pp.
Leadership of the Carthusian houses of Whitham and Hinton - alas now no more than archaeological sites - might vary in quality, but the recruitment of novices continued until the final low key debacle.