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an ancient city state on the north African coast near modern Tunis

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At Tunisia's Carthago Film Studios, servicing "Star Wars" and "Raiders of the Lost Ark," he says he "started showing other producers how to make their movies at lower costs than could be done elsewhere."
"In the distant days of antiquity," said Mandela, "a Roman sentenced this African city (Tunis) to death: 'Carthage must be destroyed, Carthago delenda est!
Carthago delenda est (Lat, " Carthage must be destroyed " ) is the phrase with which Cato the Elder ended all his speeches in the senate.
1, 3, 3-4 y 1, 5, 7), la villa aparece proxima al cauce del rio Mula y perfectamente comunicada con el eje viario Carthago Nova-Complutum (2).
Having served as a driver and assistant manager on Italian shoots, such as Roberto Rossellini's "The Messiah," Ben Ammar sets up production-and-services company Carthago Films.
The shopping centre dubbed "Tanit Centre" is owned by the Tunisian building and industrial group "Carthago Ceramic".
BANGOR: 2.30 Just Beware, 3.00 Newby Abbey, 3.30 Ballabriggs, 4.05 Maurice, 4.40 Tino Tino, 5.15 Leo's Lucky Star, 5.45 Carthago.