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an ancient city state on the north African coast near modern Tunis

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The public will have the opportunity to discover for the first time and for two weeks a collection of over 2,000 Etruscan archaeological items belonging to the period from the 4th to the 7th century BC, with the exceptional exhibition of a unique object presenting the 1st and oldest passport in the world of a Carthaginian travelling to Etruria (Italy).
Andrea Salimbeti & Raffaele D'Amato, The Carthaginians 6th-2nd Century BC, Elite 201 (Oxford: Osprey, 2014).
But Simon, the town elder, is driven by demons of his own, and may well be entangled in Jamie's disappearance and that of several Carthaginians.
Weird World of Wonders tracks the rise and fall of Rome - from its legendary founding by twins Romulus and Remus to its faltering last days in the fifth century AD - taking in along the way the various wars with the Carthaginians and the Gauls, its invasions and occupations, its culture and less cultural aspects, such as slavery and sacrifice.
For example, he asserts that the classical descriptions of the method of crossing the elephants over the Rhone River (ferrying them on rafts with at least some jumping off partway across) seems to assume the Carthaginians had limited knowledge of elephants, which they did not.
For example, political and military leaders of the Carthaginians were all named Hanno, Hamilcar, Hasdrubal, or Hannibal.
A Saidian orientalizing of Carthaginians is evident as is a stereotyping of non-Romans.
Hannibal with his military genius and a flexible strategy and tactics brought victory to the Carthaginians.
Nevertheless, the Roman Senate was looking for an opportunity to fight a decisive bettle against the Carthaginians to avenge the defeats of previous years.
a scholarly work on the Carthaginians praised for its luminous
Conflict in the "Dark Continent" is as old as mankind--which originated there but was largely unrecorded until the hieroglyphics about the Valley of the Nile and then the writings about the northern littoral of the Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans, the sweep of Islam, and the Ottoman Empire.
Scipio's identification of the fact that the Carthaginians would continue to wage war as long as Carthage itself remained intact--along with his success in attacking this source of the enemy's strength--enabled him to achieve a relatively quick victory and lasting peace for Rome.
Our results show that some children were sacrificed, but they contradict the conclusion that Carthaginians were a brutal bunch who regularly sacrificed their own children," he added.
His topics include the imaginative unity of Sons of Ulster, the diversity of the homosexual temperament in Innocence and Gates of Gold, and gender and intertexualilty in Carthaginians and Someone Who'll Watch Over Me.