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an ancient city state on the north African coast near modern Tunis

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A visit to the northern coast would not be complete without going to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Carthage, on the eastern side of Lake Tunis, the ruins of a city that once lay at the heart of the Carthaginian Empire.
Moreover, no exhibition can be all bad if it hangs for the first time in living memory (or possibly ever) Turner's Dido Building Carthage; or, the Rise of the Carthaginian Empire (1815) alongside his The Decline of the Carthaginian Empire (1817), despite the fact that the later painting was created to complement its predecessor.
This expansion continued until 264 BC when the Carthaginian Empire ruled what is now Spain.
In the Second Punic War of 219,201BC, Hannibal was defeated and the Carthaginian empire dismantled.
Once the centre of the Carthaginian empire, the Romans later took over and the colosseum they built at El Jem is better preserved than the one in Rome.