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Synonyms for Carthaginian

a native or inhabitant of ancient Carthage

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of or relating to or characteristic of ancient Carthage or its people or their language


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This includes the Pozo Moro burial, insignia and standards, Carthaginian shield designs and the lack of rigid distinction between the armaments of different nationalities.
Carthaginian was disappointing at the track last time out but should be given a chance to redeem himself in the Graham Rock Memorial Handicap.
Moreover, no exhibition can be all bad if it hangs for the first time in living memory (or possibly ever) Turner's Dido Building Carthage; or, the Rise of the Carthaginian Empire (1815) alongside his The Decline of the Carthaginian Empire (1817), despite the fact that the later painting was created to complement its predecessor.
The 30 horses who the market had previously valued at between 40,000 and 56,343gns included the Azamour colt Carthaginian, sourced as a yearling at Goffs for EUR58,000 and sold to Sir Robert Ogden for 315,000gns, and the Danehill Dancer colt Hongkong Dancer, bought as a yearling for EUR65,000 and sold on to John Egan for 215,000gns.
There are no Carthaginian textual sources on the famous general, archeological evidence (although fairly plentiful) does not give direct information on the man or his life, and the two major Roman sources have been examined from every conceivable angle.
Therefore, the mountain-like creatures shown in paintings such as Giulio Romano's The Battle of Zama were not similar to those employed by the great Carthaginian.
Eight papers from that gathering are presented here, examining such topics as the Syrtes between east and west, Carthaginian garrisons in Turdetania, coinages with Punic and neo-Punic legends of Western Mauritania, trans-Saharan long-distance trade and the Helleno-Punic Mediterranean, and a view from the south.
When he passed through the marshland, Gaius Flaminius was shocked because he had no idea that Hannibal could lead Carthaginian army along that path so soon in his left-wing.
The Carthaginian leader had been waiting for just this moment: the chance to destroy the Romans once and for all.
He set it in the girls' dormitory at Carthaginian High School, with Aeneas's sailors becoming the boys from the Trojan School.
Libya, which has some of the best Carthaginian and Roman ruins anywhere around the Mediterranean, is slowly opening up as a tourist venue.
His mother belonged to an influential Roman family, but his father was Carthaginian.
Summary: CARTHAGE, Tunisia: Clad in a white linen tunic, sandals in the ancient Carthaginian style and a pendant and beads like those found with his remains, 2,500-year-old "Ariche" has virtually come back to life on the sacred hill of Byrsa where he was born.
In the Second Punic War, for instance, the Romans fought the Carthaginian general Hannibal for eighteen long, bloody years on Italian soil before Publius Cornelius Scipio ended it by acting on an important fact: While Hannibal destroyed the Italian countryside, the carnage mounting with no clear end in sight, "Carthage itself--the center of Carthaginian political, religious, and social power--was unthreatened by any Roman soldier" (p.