Euclidean space

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a space in which Euclid's axioms and definitions apply

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McLuhan characterized Cartesian space as linear, mechanistic, nationalistic, and fixed.
In Cartesian space, he asserts, one's perspective can be transformed into another by a continuous displacement in Cartesian space, as one can shift the origin by moving one's eyes--so perspectives are equivalent Rosen goes on to say that the representation of space is a correlate of one's ability to locate oneself as the point of reference in space.
Her seminal piece, Reticularea, 1969, a large environment of delicate, irregular meshes of metal that hang from the ceiling, is meant to disrupt the idealized Cartesian space of rationalism (the work was unfortunately not included in the show).
Cartesian space is occurrent space for Heidegger, measurable in physical terms.
Restricting the robot motion in Cartesian space means the robot can be restrained to exactly the area in which it works; something that is not possible with the current systems that limit robot motion externally using limit switches.