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the set of elements common to two or more sets

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2014b) where some special types of Cartesian products were considered.
Indeed, whenever a product of two completely regular codes is completely regular, all three codes are necessarily arithmetic and taking cartesian products with entire Hamming graphs does not affect either the completely regular or the arithmetic property.
Graphical to textual conversion of specializations and Cartesian products Specialization Cartesian product CompositeProcess(Process) OutReferred [subset or equal to] Output x Artifact AtomicProcess(Proceu) InReferred [subset or equal to] Input x Artifact PostCondition(Condition) PreCondition(Condition) Table 4.
This interpretation of Cartesian products of sets with similarity is sound since a product of complete lattices is a complete lattice (14) and [[rho].
This result is extended in the final section to deal with the case that the support is an ellipsoid or the Cartesian product of two balls.
Note that cartesian products only combine annotated tuples which refer to the same time point.
In what follows instead of the domain reduction ordering and the constraint reduction ordering we shall use the corresponding Cartesian products of the partial orderings.
Furthermore, among the structural, set-theoretic relationships it is often desirable to identify the Cartesian product of some of the sets--an action that can be crucial in preventing certain kinds of representations from growing exponentially in size.
Cartesian products are added as the left child of its parent.
In SQL-based languages, Cartesian products are specified using the FROM clause from the query specifications [Melton and Simon 1993].
To describe all efficient open domination graphs among Cartesian products of graphs with [K.
The product of a matrix by a vector or by a matrix is obtained by the classical formulas in sums of products forms, sums being interpreted as disjoint unions and products as cartesian products, themselves obtained by grafting at a bud following Eq.
In our third experiment, we attempted to study Cartesian products and their interaction with compaction.
Spacapan, Connectivity of Cartesian products of graphs.