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a follower of Cartesian thought

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FEATURES & FUNCTIONS: The CMS permits users to quickly assemble Cartesian robots with up to three axes of motion by combining modules, servomotors, mounting brackets, controllers, cables, and other components (or it can be ordered pre-assembled).
But this idea of a subsystem seems like a sneaky way of having a little homunculus sitting in a Cartesian theater again.
Leibniz is not, in fact, a Cartesian philosopher of mind.
Full details of the audit can be found in the audit report, available upon request from Conax, confirms Cartesian executive, Brian Paxton, Head of Security Consulting.
com)-- TM Robotics, in partnership with Toshiba Machine, announced today the newest in Toshiba Machine's BA Cartesian series, the BAIII.
Cartesian Psychophysics and the Whole Nature of Man: On Descartes' Passions of the Soul.
24 July 2015 - US-based Cartesian (NASDAQ: CRTN), a provider of consulting services and managed solutions to the global communications, technology and digital media industries, has acquired digital TV sector consultant Farncombe Technology Ltd.
Meanwhile, in the Cartesian plane, a closely related topic deals with the solution of polynomials (ACARA, n.
Why is the word Cartesian used when referring to the philosophy of Descartes?
The Mind-Body Stage: Passion and Interaction in the Cartesian Theater.
The 3-axis Cartesian beam robot (sometimes called a gantry robot) is the workhorse of injection molding automation.
Since the (overmoded) RC represents a rich scattering environment, it is usually assumed that the Cartesian field is complex Gaussian, i.
has a right adjoint, revealing, for the category G p, a property having a certain analogy with the property, for a category E, of being locally cartesian closed [24], namely the property that the following change of base functor: [h.
According to Bax, this captures the nature of human subjectivity better than the way Cartesianism does, since W's account gives a more balanced treatment of the relation between inner and outer, or self and other, than the Cartesian one-sided treatment, which overemphasizes only one aspect of the human subject, namely, the mental aspect (the mind).
In the 1980s the typical automation system supplied by the company would include a three-axis Cartesian robot, gripper, conveyor and safety guarding.