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a follower of Cartesian thought

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The category E is cartesian closed if and only if any functor [[tau].sup.*.sub.Y] has a right adjoint.
To contribute to the debate about the so-called 'death of man', in the intermezzo between chapters 3 and 4, Bax briefly explains what has gone wrong in the arguments of Frank and Murdoch when they ultimately try to conclude that 'the demise of the Cartesian ego undermines the very possibility of ethics' (75).
ATM still sees a demand for their range of ES three axis Cartesian robot systems, however, the company says even this type of robot is being integrated into ever more sophisticated systems.
Our aim here is to establish the exact formulas for the multipole expansion of a source in Cartesian coordinates, which, as far as we know, were not written anywhere.
By the end of the volume one gets the impression that like Wittgenstein, Bultmann offers theologians a certain intellectual therapy, helping them escape from unhelpful (Cartesian?) ways of seeing, speaking, and thinking.
TMNG Global and its divisions, CSMG and Cartesian, and a team of more than 600 experts, provide strategy, operations and technology consulting services and technical solutions to more than 1200 communications clients worldwide.
The realist is willing to assert that even among the Cartesian propositions, there could well be propositions that are true, but whose truth might in principle elude detection, whether by us or by any finite extensions of ourselves.
By choosing the axes systems in a special manner, the number of unknown parameters between 2 Cartesian coordinates systems chosen anyway on each link is reduced from six to four: [a.sub.i], [s.sub.i], [[alpha].sub.i] and [[theta].sub.i], i = [bar.1, n], where n is the number of degrees of freedom of robot.
"We now offer the widest range of SCARA robots on the market, a Cartesian solution that can be configured in literally hundreds of ways and a six-axis robot that can be compared with the very best in its class.
Bayle seems to have followed the Cartesian tendency to skepticism even in a pyrrhonian sense, questioning the possibility of ever knowing anything for certain.
"Topics in Graph Theory: Graphs and Their Cartesian Product" is a scholarly reference discussing graph theory and the major topics to be discussed on the concept today.
Topics in graph theory; graphs and their Cartesian product.
The surface of Cartesian Wax is thickened locally where it is structurally required to support itself, and modulates itself, and modulates its transparency according to the light conditions, heat flux, and structural support needed.
The I&J9000 series of machines are Cartesian gantry designs selected for a conveyor fed process or when it is desirable that the robot movement is above the work, such as in a spray application.