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Englishman and Egyptologist who in 1922 discovered and excavated the tomb of Tutankhamen (1873-1939)

39th President of the United States (1924-)

someone whose work is driving carts

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com/who-michelle-carter-read-text-messages-teen-sent-encouraging-boyfriend-kill-himself-2548962) Michelle Carter's Text Messages To Boyfriend Encouraged His Suicide
Professor Stein is apparently terminating his association with the Carter Center, solely as a result of Carter's new book, Palestine: Peace, Not Apartheid.
Isaac painstakingly draws out the vicissitudes of all these struggles over the years of the diary, and yet he reconstructs considerably more than that: a typical year in the working life of a plantation, the contents of Carter's vast library, the practice of plantation medicine, the administration of colonial government--indeed, every dimension of Carter's world.
Carter's explanation of events doesn't offer any proof that would lead one to believe otherwise.
These acts eventually succeeded in bringing down oil prices and the inflation rate--to the political benefit of Carter's successor, Ronald Reagan.
Although Carter's prize is not so offensively wrongheaded as Henry Kissinger's, Yasser Arafat's, or David Trimble's, Carter is not worthy to be in the company of laureates who genuinely took personal risks and defied corrupt power in their pursuit of peace: Adolfo Perez Esquivel of Argentina, Aung San Suu Kyi of Burma, Carlos Belo of East Timor, and Martin Luther King Jr.
Carter's teaching has taken him around the globe, including two visits to Russia with the American Dance Festival.
Carter's chronological arrangement within each heading reveals the maturation of Carey's mission over its life.
Although the movie has been criticized for distorting the facts of the legal battles and circumstances of Carter's life, one must allow a certain poetic license for filmmakers.
Carter's immediate thought was, `This man has a problem.
Indeed, the virtue central to Carter's discussion isn't really integrity at all but rather moderation.
Carter's basic pitch is that even though most Americans are serious about their faith lives (nine out of ten believe in God and four out of five pray regularly), the nation's opinion-molders and the academic community--the intellectual elite--dismiss religion as a basis for public debate.
Jimmy Carter's critics have argued that his presidential failures were of his own making - that he was a victim of his own style.
This transaction was a major step for us in executing our strategy to narrow Carter's focus on building high-quality projects, investing in real estate and providing strategic solutions to our clients.
The family and friends of Conrad Roy III spoke out following Michelle Carter's involuntary manslaughter conviction Friday.