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Synonyms for cartwheel

a wheel that has wooden spokes and a metal rim

acrobatic revolutions with the body turned sideways and the arms and legs outstretched like the spokes of a wheel

a dollar made of silver

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do cartwheels: perform an acrobatic movement using both hands and feet

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It implies that barrow wheels may have been as demanding to make as any cart wheel as far as the making and setting of spokes, hub and felloes was concerned but did not require the skills of axle-making and fitting the axle into the hub.
The waggonway an incredibly important find which enhancing understanding Dominique Stones from a washing pool on the waggonway, in which cart wheels would have been immersed to prevent them drying and cracking, will also be on show.
For smooth operation, the rack uses a combination of low profile slope and oversized cart wheels with sealed, specially lubricated bearings rated for operation from -30[degrees]F to 250[degrees]F.
"Then they cart wheeled her into a ditch full of water and she came home wet through.
SMEG's Fab 28 refrigerator gets a fashion makeover from Dolce & Gabbana in this limited collection, handpainted by Sicilian artists with lemons, the trinacria symbol, cart wheels, medieval knights and battle scenes.
deaths; their to people ferry to used cart wheeled two the was it -Guillotine Madame visit to way your On 26.
UK; the in to used cart wheeled two the was it -girl's popular most the becoming Guillotine Madame visit to way your On By 27.
Wonder is how we open "the hand of thought." It can lift our minds out of the mud of rational resignation and open them into wild relational cart wheels of insight.
Shiny European luxury cars mingle with cart wheels laden with textile drawn by men wearing sharwal khamees on its narrow one-way streets.
Several of the large marble paving stones were etched with children's board games, while others were marked by horse-drawn cart wheels. Also discovered at the site were remains of tools and lamps, as well as the bases of marble columns.
Open, Martin was given, as the sportswriter Rick Reilly later described it, a "three-wheeled job with a bar instead of a steering wheel and little shopping cart wheels. It looked like something you'd see in a Shriner's parade."
In addition to bollards, Reliance Foundry provides a variety of ferrous and nonferrous castings, including cart wheels, marine products and bike parking products.
When she cart wheeled out of the water she appeared to weigh well in excess of 8 pounds.
England's innings was in need of restoration two balls later as Andrew Flintoff succumbed for getting only half-forward to a delivery which kept low, snuck under a defensive prod and cart wheeled off and middle stumps.