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charge made for carrying an account or for merchandise sold on an installment plan

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the opportunity cost of unproductive assets

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Today, size, complexity and individual customer requirements generate other significant costs and investments critical for accurate analysis, such as freight, inventory carrying cost, HR support investment, display-ready pallet cost, "nuisance fees" and so on.
Regardless of the particular inventory level planning method used by a company (such as the economic order quantity), inventory carrying costs are important components in determining economically efficient inventory levels.
With over $12M in inventory, Intrepid Potash needed a solution that would accurately plan its stock levels, ensuring accurate lead times on critical spares while reducing unnecessary carrying costs.
Our initial implementation of iRISupply to support cardiothoracic surgery allowed us to reach our goals of streamlining inventory carrying costs and moving towards a system of perpetual inventory management," shared Martin Dagata, Director of Finance & Business Operations for Perioperative Services.
Including the rent from the third floor apartment, it is estimated that the monthly carrying costs to the owner for both the apartment and retail space will be $1,055.
The company's financial services subsidiary, PriMerit Bank, reported 1994 second quarter net income of $2,176,000 (contributing $954,000 after deducting tax-effected carrying costs associated with the bank's acquisition by Southwest Gas Corp.
The proceeds of the notes will be used to provide funds to finance the cost of design, acquisition and construction of water and wastewater system improvements, repay notes previously issued and provide for cost of issuance and carrying costs of the notes.
Factoring in the rent from the third floor, it is estimated that the net monthly carrying costs will be $1,055 - making the homes affordable.
Stride Rite is adding agility to its supply chain while reducing inventory carrying costs and improving working capital - it's a win-win situation for their chief finance and supply chain officers," said Kurt Cavano, CEO of TradeCard.
Sellers sustain long marketing periods and substantial carrying costs (interest expenses, taxes, maintenance, etc.
The court also reversed the portion of the Court of Appeals decision providing that deferred post-in-service carrying costs could not be included in rate base.
based retailer of hardware for do-it-yourselfers, professional tradesmen and contractors, has lowered inventory carrying costs and increased product turns using JDA Portfolio[R] applications.
Most obvious, of course, is the fact that if sponsors are finally allowed to charge market rents for their unsold units, their financial burdens will be significantly eased, creating a decrease in the shortfall between their own carrying costs and the revenues they generate.
The company's financial services subsidiary, PriMerit Bank, reported 1994 first quarter net income of $2,189,000 (contributing $976,000 to consolidated net income after deducting tax-effected carrying costs associated with its acquisition by Southwest Gas Corp.
These drivers include larger, more complex global supply chains; longer, more variable lead times from offshore suppliers; and an increase in inventory carrying costs.