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charge made for carrying an account or for merchandise sold on an installment plan

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the opportunity cost of unproductive assets

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Each pillow, the reports claimed, was bought for Tk 5,957, and its carrying cost from the shop to the building was at Tk 760.
Carrying costs for debt service and post-employment benefits are elevated but the overall long-term liability burden is moderate relative to personal income.
Goods sold on credit get converted to accounts receivables whose accumulation would result in accounts receivable carrying cost to the firm.
Taking into account inventory carrying costs isn't easy but we might assume that finished goods have a value of $5.00 per piece.
Rising insurance costs, on the other hand, pushed up the value for the remaining components of carrying costs from $197 billion in 2002 to $205 billion in 2003.
The elements that make up the total cost of holding inventory (inventory noncapital carrying costs plus inventory capital charge) are shown in Exhibit 1.
But "it's imperative to also use activity- or process-based costing to identify costs for such things as inventory carrying costs and order processing," says Marc Shingles, customer profitability solution/practice leader for Cap Gemini Ernst & Young.
A comprehensive view of demand enables SSL to reduce operating expenses and inventory carrying costs through more accurate management of production scheduling and inventory.
With a targeted market of $400 billion, the new on-line site will offer services for buying and selling basic, intermediate, specialty and fine chemicals, enabling participants to maximize utilization of resources and reduce inventory carrying costs. The new company will offer participation to other qualified chemical companies around the world.
The carrying costs (interest and taxes) for the land are anticipated to be $20,000 per year.
Gross margins declined from 19.7 percent in the second quarter last year to 16.7 percent because of increased inventory carrying costs, according to Dean Rappaport, executive vice president and chief financial officer.
The important tradeoff in credit investigation policy is between the costs of the investigation and the expected level of bad debt and accounts receivable carrying costs that result from credit-granting decisions.
The carrying costs of these assets should be deducted from income to arrive at residual income, a variant of ROI.
The forecast of moderating interest rates, combined with slowing house price increases, will stabilize 1991 mortgage carrying costs.
Although the inventory planner may be very efficient at considering changes in traditional carrying costs (such as warehouse space rental), changes in the company's income tax liability associted with holding inventory may escape his or her notice.