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Carroll went from being a trainee Newcastle were about to release to one of the richest footballers in Britain in a short space of time.
The newly appointed head coach has already made checks on Carroll's fitness status with the big striker still recovering from an ankle operation.
In the cover story, Carroll relates meeting Trump at the upscale department store, in what began as a friendly encounter. Trump recognized her as "that advice lady," because of her long-running advice column in "Elle." Carroll recognized him as "that real estate tycoon." During the exchange, Trump allegedly said he was at the store to buy a gift for "a girl," and asked if Carroll would assist him during the late 1995 or early 1996 encounter.
Carroll was 52 years old at the time and Trump would have been 49 or 50, and married to Marla Maples.
But Carroll regrouped in Game 2, running away with it 15-3 in nine minutes to force a tiebreaker.
If at all, the reading public would know Vic Carroll as an inveterate columnist and letter writer to the Fairfax press.
But in her day - an era when cinema brightened the landscape for a British public faced with the storm clouds of war, Edith Madeleine Carroll was the planet's highest paid actress.
The year 2015 marked the 150th anniversary of the publication of Lewis Carroll's iconic children's novel Alice s Adventures in Wonderland (1865), and the occasion has been celebrated, as one might expect, with a variety of book releases.
Carroll struck a hat-trick in Saturday's Barclays Premier League 3-3 draw with Arsenal.
Carroll made sure it was not just his braided barnet that stood out at Upton Park as he came off the bench to net the winner.
In 1949, Carroll was elected governor of Kentucky Boys State, a mock-government program for high school students.
Llandudno mayor Frank Bradfield insisted nothing has been proved about Carroll and his story should not be tainted on the eve of the 150th anniversary of its publication next month.
A DRUG dealer yesterday told of the moment he saw gangster Kevin 'Gerbil' Carroll being shot to death in his car.