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a large warship that carries planes and has a long flat deck for takeoffs and landings

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BEIJING - China has been negotiating a deal with Russia to buy aircraft carrier-borne fighters but talks have hit a snag over the minimum number of aircraft to be sold, according to a Hong Kong-based defense magazine.
A distinguished second career in civil aviation kept him busy, and for many years he served as an advocate for a return of carrier-borne air power to our navy.
Among the virtual experiences is the chance to seek and destroy an enemy submarine, try your hand at being a helicopter pilot, see a carrier-borne nuclear bomb and get close to some of the Navy's aircraft past and present.
Carrier-borne aircraft of the Royal Navy's Fleet Air Arm attacked an convoy of three supply ships near Stadlandet,Norway.
The CVF will meet a requirement to support ten days of sustained combat generating some 130 sorties daily with an air wing consisting of 30 Lockheed Martin F-35B Future Joint Combat Aircraft (FJCA), formerly the Future Carrier-Borne Aircraft (FCBA), which might be augmented by up to ten more aircraft, six anti-submarine warfare helicopters and four maritime airborne surveillance and control aircraft.
Navy C-2A Greyhound from VRC-40 lands on the flight deck of the carrier Charles de Gaulle (R 91) amid French Super Etendard carrier-borne strike fighters, during joint exercises with the French Navy.
The vital need for carrier-borne AEW became evident during WW II.
The Ministry of Defence sparked controversy in February this year when it announced that the 29 carrier-borne Sea Harriers would be withdrawn between 2004 and 2006 - up to eight years ahead of their expected end of service - at a saving of about pounds 109m.
At the other, it can be the delivery of direct lethal force - be it by cruise missile or carrier-borne aircraft.
That ended when carrier-borne Japanese aircraft, striking without warning, attacked Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, the home of the U.
25, the Liaoning has undergone a series of sea trials and experiments, including successful test flights of carrier-borne J-15 fighter jets.
25, the aircraft carrier has undergone a series of sailing and technological tests, including the flight of the carrier-borne J-15.
KAGOSHIMA, Japan - Leaders of municipalities nearby an uninhibited island in Kagoshima Prefecture voiced their opposition Wednesday to a government decision to relocate carrier-borne aircraft landing practice to the island, part of a plan for the realignment of U.
carrier-borne fighter jets to his city in western Japan from Atsugi base which is located in a densely populated area outside Tokyo.
Most carrier-borne planes fly to Atsugi when the flattop calls at its home port of Yokosuka, also Kanagawa Prefecture.