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a large warship that carries planes and has a long flat deck for takeoffs and landings

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58) While Indian carrier-borne raids against shore targets would have limited utility (as discussed earlier), such operations could exert a strategic effect, as Islamabad might have to divert forces from other fronts to defend against seaborne threats.
BEIRUT: Russia launched new strikes in Syria Tuesday involving carrier-borne jets and long-range missiles as opposition activists on the ground reported that the first airstrikes in nearly a month struck the besieged, rebel-held parts of the northern Syrian city of Aleppo.
DEVASTATING Archive picture of a Fairey Barracuda, a British carrier-borne torpedo dive bomber used during the Second World War WHERE DOES THIS BIT GO AGAIN?
As an important part of the research and training programme, training for carrier-borne aircraft pilots is also in progress, he said.
carrier-borne aircraft landing drills from Iwo Island, Tokyo, to an uninhabited island in Kagoshima Prefecture as part of a bilaterally agreed realignment plan of U.
carrier-borne fighter jets from Russia with an extended range of 3000 km.
Planes from those allies may be needed to fill a gap since the cuts will mean that Britain will have no carrier-borne jet fighters of its own until new US-made Joint Strike Fighter planes are delivered in 2020.
carrier-borne jet fighters to be transferred from the U.
The request comes as the navy's first RSK MiG-29K carrier-borne fighters are being delivered, and as delays plague the development of a naval variant of the indigenous Tejas light combat aircraft, six of which were ordered earlier this year.
BEIJING - China has been negotiating a deal with Russia to buy aircraft carrier-borne fighters but talks have hit a snag over the minimum number of aircraft to be sold, according to a Hong Kong-based defense magazine.
A distinguished second career in civil aviation kept him busy, and for many years he served as an advocate for a return of carrier-borne air power to our navy.
Among the virtual experiences is the chance to seek and destroy an enemy submarine, try your hand at being a helicopter pilot, see a carrier-borne nuclear bomb and get close to some of the Navy's aircraft past and present.
Carrier-borne aircraft of the Royal Navy's Fleet Air Arm attacked an convoy of three supply ships near Stadlandet,Norway.
The CVF will meet a requirement to support ten days of sustained combat generating some 130 sorties daily with an air wing consisting of 30 Lockheed Martin F-35B Future Joint Combat Aircraft (FJCA), formerly the Future Carrier-Borne Aircraft (FCBA), which might be augmented by up to ten more aircraft, six anti-submarine warfare helicopters and four maritime airborne surveillance and control aircraft.
A buy of 90 EA-l8Gs is planned from FY08 through FY13 to replace the Navy's carrier-borne Prowler squadrons, but there are no plans right now to replace the expeditionary squadrons (32 aircraft).