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a building that houses telecommunications equipment

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Through their unique service solutions and custom fiber connectivity between these sites and the New York Metro Area's Carrier Hotel facilities, including 325 Hudson, ZenFi's solutions enable the Internet of Things (IoT) from nearly anywhere on any device.
Many network operators already have a point of presence within the 350 Main Street carrier hotel and will be able to benefit by joining this Internet Exchange.
IPR's Carrier Hotel Project is dedicated to bringing a highly efficient, reliable and most importantly, competitive bandwidth interconnection point to the center of Wilmington's business district.
Lexent has completed the first phase of the expansion that adds two key New Jersey carrier hotels, 165 Halsey in Newark and 300 Boulevard East in Weehawken, to its on-net building roster.
With over 3,000 attendees, GTM is the perfect venue to unveil the newly- expanded Carrier Hotel Alliance," said Hunter Newby, tel(x) Chief Strategy Officer.
The CHA is a cooperative effort of key North American carrier hotel owners; including 1102 Grand, CRG West, telx and The Westin Building.
Dave Diaz, CTO of Smart Photon Networks, will start the day with a discussion of the benefits of independent peering exchanges in carrier hotel Meet-Me-Rooms, covering topics such as the history of peering, as well as traditional and current ISP internet exchange and business models.
SciTech Construction announced to-day that the firm has acquired the tenant improvement construction unit of MetroNexus, a leading developer of state-of-the-art telecom carrier hotels.
An online meeting scheduler has been created for network operators to register and arrange private one-on-one meetings prior to the event with representatives from each carrier hotel.
The critical connections within and between these carrier hotels create a new definition for "network diversity" - mainly: the ability for large-bandwidth network operators to have options--options in service providers, options in physical network equipment and options in rerouting traffic securely.
9 /PRNewswire/ -- North American carrier hotel owners 151 Front Street West, Toronto, CRG West, tel(x) and The Westin Building are pleased to announce a cooperative effort at the PTC 2006 28th Annual Telecommunications Conference and Exhibition: The Carrier Hotel Alliance (CHA).
Liberty Lake Internet Exchange (LLIX) has rapidly become the premier Business Continuity Data Center and Carrier Hotel in the Inland Northwest.
Inside this one carrier hotel building are a variety of carriers able to deliver new services at competitive rates.
These carrier hotel buildings house a variety of service providers with competitive pricing and the latest, next-generation services and applications.
Penn Telecom has been bringing innovative telecom products and services to Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas since 1979 and today offers a complete package of services including broadband, local and long distance service, carrier hotel, and VoIP products for business applications.
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