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Thus, the carrier frequency offset and normal frequency offset factors are equal.
There is a linear frequency modulation of the signal that chirps the carrier frequency from 300 MHz at the start of the RF pulse envelope to 900 MHz at the end of the pulse envelope.
Equation (1) shows that the complex propagation constant of the RF signal in soil is dependent upon the carrier frequency, composition of soil, and soil volumetric water content.
Carrier frequency offset arises when the oscillator at the receiver oscillates at a different frequency to that of the transmitter [17].
where S is the spectral emission mask attenuation in dB, [DELTA]f denotes the frequency offset from the center carrier frequency, a represents the amount of relative PSD attenuation at [DELTA]f in the segment, and b is the relative PSD attenuation at the last [DELTA]f for the previous segment.
Correlations between carrier frequency and body size can confound the effects of selection on either trait" (Gerhardt & Huber, p.
This letter studies the effect of the carrier frequency on the eigenvalues of the [H.
int] by a factor 2 at the carrier frequency, which yields an intrinsic sensitivity of [delta][B*.
These products exhibit exceptionally low phase noise characteristics, typically -115 dBc/Hz at 100 kHz offset at 8 GHz carrier frequency.
The AM VI presented in Figure 1 is simulated with 50% modulation index, 150 Hz carrier frequency and 10 Hz signal frequency.
Other features of the 2001 Series include a pulse width modulation output that ensures smooth, cool motor operation over a range of speeds; high carrier frequency output that ensures a quiet motor at all speeds and loads; and the ability to smoothly start into a rotating motor in either direction.
Although it broadcast a clear carrier frequency -- the electronic signal that normally carries the mapping data -- for unknown reasons the transmitter stopped adding the Venus data to the monotone carrier signal.
Equally important is the fact that such a jammer is immune to radar advancements such as carrier frequency and PRF agility.
These parameters should be in digital form and in the proper engineering units: carrier frequency, input level, Eb/No, carrier frequency offset