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a radio wave that can be modulated in order to transmit a signal

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However, when the system exhibits nonlinearity, such as an amplifier approaching its saturation power level, additional frequencies that are linear combinations of the input carrier frequencies may be generated.
Across all ethnic groups, the most common carrier frequencies for clinically significant disorders were for cystic fibrosis, DFNB1 nonsyndromic hearing loss and deafness, spinal muscular atrophy, familial Mediterranean fever, Smith-Lernli-Opitz syndrome, sickle cell disease/beta-thalassemia, and Gaucher disease.
It was measured at various carrier frequencies, horizontal inter-node actual distances, and soil volumetric water contents.
Wideband radar and wideband satellite communications signals use carrier frequencies that are beyond the direct synthesis and direct analysis capabilities of wideband RF instruments.
Unfortunately, this results in significant degradation of the attenuation levels at carrier frequencies.
Just as bigger steam whistles on bigger steamships, toot at lower frequencies: larger radiators, on larger katydids or crickets can be expected to emit lower carrier frequencies.
Nevertheless, in another study, carried out for a microcellular environment, slightly capacity increments have been reported for the higher carrier frequencies [10].
Electrical drive systems with PWM carrier frequencies as high as 10 kHz, used for machine tools and hybrid electrical vehicle [(HEV)] applications, can now be simulated accurately, enabling the design and testing of advanced control systems by connecting the controller in closed loop with the simulator, saving the time to build costly prototypes," said Opal-RT.
Figure 2 shows the maximum allowed off-boresight movement to close the link versus the allowed pointing loss as the antenna diameter is increased for different carrier frequencies.
All models can operate at carrier frequencies up to 14kHz and high-speed operation up to 1000Hz is optional.
23 modem provide FSK data transmission at 75 bps using the specified 450 Hz and 390 Hz carrier frequencies, and reception at 1200 bps using the specified 2100 Hz and 1300 Hz carrier frequencies.
The jammer operates effectively against all radars that have their operating carrier frequencies contained within the jamming frequency range, thus eliminating the need for interception and frequency measurement of the radar signals.
At any one time, each data modem is assigned a different set of transmit/receive carrier frequencies.
Our Fusion SingleStar system greatly simplifies deployment of multi-carrier coverage because it can handle multiple carrier frequencies with a single set of hubs and antennas," said John Spindler, vice president of marketing at LGC Wireless.
However, as BeiDou uses the same carrier frequencies as GPS and Galileo, chipset and device developers will have to test integrated designs to avoid problems caused by confusing data from different GNSS.