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a radio wave that can be modulated in order to transmit a signal

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The proposed system is actually a frequency diverse MIMO radar with each transmitting element emitting the same waveform of different carrier frequencies. The carrier frequency of each transmitting element is chosen in the guidance of current spectrum environment.
The required gain needed at carrier frequencies 10,28, 30, 38, and 73 GHz to achieve the same pathloss with a carrier frequency of 2 GHz is shown in Figure 4 with a fixed link distance of 900 m.
In a perfectly linear electrical system with multiple carrier frequencies, though "linear distortion" of power levels may occur, no additional frequencies can be generated.
The total input power of the three optical signals is 1.626 dBm according to the simulation calculations for both RF carrier frequencies of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.
Across all ethnic groups, the most common carrier frequencies for clinically significant disorders were for cystic fibrosis, DFNB1 nonsyndromic hearing loss and deafness, spinal muscular atrophy, familial Mediterranean fever, Smith-Lernli-Opitz syndrome, sickle cell disease/beta-thalassemia, and Gaucher disease.
It was measured at various carrier frequencies, horizontal inter-node actual distances, and soil volumetric water contents.
Consequently, and as the authors acknowledge, the carrier frequencies presented in this report may well be an underestimate of the actual carrier frequencies in these populations.
US mobile network operator AT&T Inc (NYSE:T) announced today that it has completed an upgrade project in the Rochester area of New York State which adds additional spectrum, or carrier frequencies, to cell sites in the area.
This solution enables calibrated wideband radar and satellite signal generation and analysis for testing requirements greater than 1GHz bandwidth, and for carrier frequencies up to 50GHz using standard Tektronix instruments.
However, the requirement to deliver the greatest level of attenuation at critical carrier frequencies (800MHz to 2.5GHz) remains unchanged.
Just as bigger steam whistles on bigger steamships, toot at lower frequencies: larger radiators, on larger katydids or crickets can be expected to emit lower carrier frequencies. Carrier frequency--used here to mean the most intense frequency in a spectrum--will be, for a "reasonably equiaxial" sound-radiating membrane, determined by the membrane's tension, thickness and area; and the radiator's fundamental frequency mode will be "inversely proportional to the square root of the area of the membrane" (Fletcher 1992, p.70).
* Selectable carrier frequencies for optimized motor performance and quiet operation
"Electrical drive systems with PWM carrier frequencies as high as 10 kHz, used for machine tools and hybrid electrical vehicle [(HEV)] applications, can now be simulated accurately, enabling the design and testing of advanced control systems by connecting the controller in closed loop with the simulator, saving the time to build costly prototypes," said Opal-RT.