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a large galleon sailed in the Mediterranean as a merchantman


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.] one of their Carracks (there being 3 in Company) proved Leakie and not able to proceed was heere hailed ashoare and her goods landed, where they remained till other shipps from Portugall came and brought all away, dwelling heere in the mean tyme and fortifying themselves against English Dutch or any other that should offer to molest them.
According to several early legends a large carrack, one of the fleet, was either wrecked or else became so unseaworthy that the Portuguese broke her up and 'drew on shore her weather-beaten sides and all the armory and tackling, building with the timber a chappell in this valley, from thence is called Chappell Valley'.(1) Although this chapel and a stone one built afterwards by the Portuguese have long since disappeared, the valley in which Jamestown stands still goes locally by the name of Chapel Valley.
But while Brooke quotes Osorio correctly, Gosse does not, for Osorio's account includes no reference whatsoever to a wrecked Portuguese carrack and hence cannot be the source of Gosse's quote.
is stated by several writers to have been accompanied with the loss of one of the fleet, a large carrack; but whether from having accidentally runaground, or intentionally broken up as unseaworthy, seems uncertain.* [Brooke's original reference: *Dr.
Brooke, however, misreads Fryer, who claims that the island's discovery itself was the result of the wreck of a lone carrack.
It is from this passage that Gosse gleaned his quote about drawing on shore the carrack's 'armory and tackling' and which he ascribes to a non-existent narrative by Osorio.