Carpobrotus edulis

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low-growing South African succulent plant having a capsular fruit containing edible pulp

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Chrysanthemoides, a grey felted-leaf plant, has spread giving good ground cover in some parts while the favourite Carpobrotus edulis mentioned previously gives bright green areas of cover too.
Agaves tend to close up their outer leaves in order to save the inner ones and Carpobrotus edulis, the Hottentot fig, may need some dried up leaves and stems pruned off and will start to grow and fill out again quite quickly.
Assessment of Carpobrotus edulis (main invasive plant species), including its expansion range and the test of eradication methods at specific areas;
Carpobrotus edulis (Aphrodite's Tresses) takes up water into the leaves during the winter which usually lasts right through into early autumn, but the rain we have had so far came too late to save a lot of it, and some shrivelled up.