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In many cases, species such as European Beachgrass (Ammophila arenaria) and Iceplant (Carpobrotus edulis) were intentionally introduced to stabilize dunes and protect human infrastructure, such as homes and roads, from shifting sands (Underwood and others 2007).
Persin, "Single, binary and multi-component adsorption of some anions and heavy metals on environmentally friendly Carpobrotus edulis plant," Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, vol.
For example, as part of an ongoing mission to protect plant heritage, Institut Klorane formed a partnership with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the National Botanical Conservatory and local participants to help save Calendula maritima, a species endemic to Sicily that is in danger of extinction from pollution from cars, illegal trash dumping, and the presence of Carpobrotus edulis, an exotic invasive plant.
Plants such as Lampranthus, Carpobrotus and Gazania, while growing well during the winter and spring, producing fine displays of flowers, suffered extreme stress during the summer, being all but wiped out.
Mrs Thomas said there were no disagreements about the overall winner the Ice Plant, Carpobrotus edulis, was the unanimous choice.
* * * * Carissa ovata * * * Carpobrotus glaucescens * Cassytha spp.
This investigation focused on two Carpobrotus species belonging to the family, Aizoaceae, in an attempt to assess their antimicrobial potential.
Mechanism controlling invasion of coastal plant communities by alien succulent Carpobrotus edulis.
Invasion of maritime chaparral by the alien succulent Carpobrotus edulis: the roles of fire and herbivory.
Mechanisms controlling invasion of coastal plant communities by the alien succulent Carpobrotus edulis.