Carphophis amoenus

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small reddish wormlike snake of eastern United States

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The three reptiles that were significantly more abundant in Pine than Burn (Carphophis amoenus, Storeria dekayi and Thamnophis sirtalis) prefer relatively moist and/or cool microenvironments (Behler and King, 1988; Conant and Collins, 1991); in particular, C.
laticeps (Schneider), broad- C, S headed skink Scincella lateralis (Say), ground skink S Family Colubridae (common snakes) Carphophis amoenus (Say), worm snake S Cemophora coccinea (Blumenbach), scarlet S snake Coluber constrictor Linnaeus, black racer I Clonophis kirtlandii (Kennicott), N, C, SE Kirtland's snake Diadophis punctatus (Linnaeus), S northern ringneck snake Elaphe obsoleta (Say), black rat snake I E.
Burdick of the Newport Chemical Depot (Whitaker, 1994), including the eastern ribbon snake (Thamnophis sauritus), worm snake (Carphophis amoenus), northern ringneck snake (Diadophis punctatus), eastern hognose snake (Heterodon platirhinos), and prairie king snake (Lampropeltis calligaster).
One salamander (Plethodon glutinosus), one turtle (Chrysemy picta), and six snakes (Coluber constrictor, Thamnophis sauritus, Lampropeltis calligaster, Heterodon platyrhinos, Diadophis punctatus, and Carphophis amoenus) reported by Whitaker (1994) were not observed in 1998.