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an outsider who seeks power or success presumptuously

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As outlined in the timeline (opposite page), formation of the Carpetbaggers can be traced back to Germany's blitzkrieg defeat of western European countries that culminated in France's six-week defeat in June 1940.
Despite this precaution, the Carpetbaggers weren't completely invisible to the enemy.
"The idea of carpetbagger banks goes back to how in the mid-1990s out-of-state banks, with taxpayer-supported FDIC subsidies, came here like carpetbaggers [who] descended on Texas after the Civil War.
A group called Members for Conversion operated a website,, which showed the best ways of opening share accounts with building societies and organised demutualisation resolutions.
What do the building society carpetbaggers, the fast buck merchants and the promotors of demutalisation have to say about it all?
Unleashing the looters, gougers, and carpetbaggers, it also ripped apart the drab curtain hiding the other America from itself.
Carpetbaggers beware: The folks in these parts are responsible for championing this recent 2002 legislation, "Grits are recognized as the official prepared food of the State of Georgia." Swallow that Rhett Butler.
I think it is time the public had a say in the massive pay rises voted by the public servant carpetbaggers for themselves.
These carpetbaggers are able to jump hospital queues and are backed by limitless Legal Aid to gain their objectives.
"Neocolonialism," Nkrumah wrote, "is fast entrenching itself within the body of Africa today through the consortia and monopoly combinations that are the carpetbaggers of the African revolt against colonialism and the urge for continental unity."
I do like carpetbaggers and none more than those who got into Bradford & Bingley picked up their free shares and legged it immediately thereafter.
arena stage suffered extensive damage--on the eve of its world premiere of Horton Foote's The Carpetbaggers Children--as did the costume, scene and props departments located in the basement of the theatre.
Scarlett O'Hara never had to worry about digital carpetbaggers. But the Margaret Mitchell Trust last week moved to defend Tara from Internet pirates.
Some of these men, known as carpetbaggers, had taken seats in state legislatures and exploited for their own gain the postwar rebuilding that gave the era the name Reconstruction.