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Synonyms for woodwork


Synonyms for woodwork

work made of wood

the craft of a carpenter: making things out of wood

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I'd had runners in my own colours in France and had a winner at Carpentras, which is a small town in south-east France.
The shelfmark for this document is: Carpentras, Bibliotheque Inguimbertine, ms 1794, ff 429r-430v.
The apparently unexciting rondeau of Carpentras 375 needs, in fact, to revert to a phrase I used earlier, to be read metacommunicatively, as a record of a complex cultural conversation between two distinct social groupings, one centering on Charles, one presumably orchestrated, or at least licensed, by Marie.
Miller traces in clear detail the cooperation and reciprocal respect between Rabbi Salomon Ayubi of Carpentras and Nicolas-Claude Fabri de Peiresc, a seventeenth-century associate of Galileo, Rubens, and Joseph Scaliger.
Elsewhere, stone-throwing rioters clashed with police in Lyon, and youths rammed burning cars into a school and retirement home in the southern town of Carpentras, though no injuries were reported.
Smaller numbers are from Roma, Italia, Romania, the Karaite community, Carpentras, North Africa, and Yemen.
Outside Avignon, in other papal lands of the Comtat, toward the first half of the seventeenth century, Jews were concentrated in three communities that were under the authority of a rector whose seat was in Carpentras.
Twenty years younger than his role model Bernard-Henri Levy (popularly known as B-HL in Paris), the narrator comes to Paris from the provincial town of Carpentras and begins his education as a writer.
This lyrical musing is attributed, in a prefatory discourse to a volume called Le souvenir de Petrarque a Carpentras (7), to the small town of Carpentras in Provence, which, in the spring of 1927, organized a celebration of Francesco Petrarca, its "fils spirituel" or spiritual son.
Long, 22, grabbed the winning try for French club Carcassonne against Carpentras last week but wants another crack at Super League.
DANIELE Nardello of Italy, riding for Mapei, won the 13th stage of the Tour de France yesterday - a 196-kilometre run from Frontignan to Carpentras - edging a thrilling six-man sprint on the line in 4hrs 32mins 46secs.
TOUR DE FRANCE riders and team directors pleaded for reporters to concentrate on the race rather than the drug scandals before yesterday's 196km 13th stage swept away from Frontignan to Carpentras.
The nearby town of Carpentras has no distinctive Romanesque buildings, but interestingly does have a unique shop that in the nineteenth century created berlingots, the small pyramidal pieces of confection, with colourful stripes, that are a staple of many European and American Christmas celebrations.
P[iero da Ricasoli]: You wouldn't say that if in the time of the late Pope Leo you had heard the singing of Carpentras, Conseil, Bidon, Beausseron and others I can't recall now, I give you my word, you would have stayed a year, so to speak, intent on listening to them, so gracefully did they wield their voices.
Her judgment is echoed by Joseph Amas, vice president of the Jewish community of Carpentras, which is also the home of France's oldest synagogue.