Carpathian Mountains

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a mountain range in central Europe that extends from Slovakia and southern Poland southeastward through western Ukraine to northeastern Romania

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In Romania, where temperature as low as -27 were recorded in the Carpathian mountains, the government urged municipalities to keep shelters for the homeless open, after two people froze to death.
Located in the oak forests of the Carpathian Mountains in central Romania, the sanctuary covers 160 acres of forest, looks after around 60 bears and is supported by celebrities including Leona Lewis.
TRANSYLVANIA and the Carpathian Mountains have held a fascination for me ever since as a boy I read Bram Stoker's Dracula by torchlight under the bedclothes.
After learning my admissions exam results, I left for a small vacation to the mountains, to a tourist hostel at the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains.
Rapid economic growth in Romania has put the forests of the Carpathian Mountains under threat from development and logging purposes.
Childhood fantasies come true for Peter Beal as he goes full steam ahead to Transylvania by way of luxury train * RANSYLVANIA and the Carpathian Mountains - the names have held a fascination for me ever since, as a boy, I first read Bram Stoker's Dracula, probably by torchlight under the bedclothes.
Just mention the word Transylvania or the Carpathian mountains and you would be forgiven if you were to start thinking of Bram Stoker or Francis Ford Coppola, conjuring images of heads impaled on spikes, bats, vampires and wolverines roaming about, lusting for human flesh.
If you're hungry for some action, camp by the Danube or the Carpathian Mountains range.
I Love You Phillip Morris (15) Sluggish true life romcom as conman Jim Carrey attempts to get his sensitive gay lover Ewan McGregor out of jail and build a dream life ** Katalin Varga (15) Romanian art house morality drama as, a dark secret revealed, banished wife and son journey to the Carpathian mountains to seek revenge for past abuse.
The Carpathian mountains of Transylvania are stunningly beautiful and studded with unspoilt towns and cultural sites.
Journeying through the Carpathian Mountains further highlights ahead of arrival in Istanbul include the ancient capital city of Veliko Turnovo.
00pm) The former soldier explores the Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania in Romania, treacherous gorges, a ferocious and a subterranean river.
00pm) The former soldier explores the Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania in Romania, encountering treacherous gorges, a ferocious predator and a subterranean river.
This report from the United Nations Environmental Programme assesses the state of the environment of the Carpathian Mountains and surrounding region over the past 30 years and up to 2020.
Five days of heavy rainfall in Ukraine's Carpathian Mountains killed 13 people, including five children.