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The goal of the surgery is to release the pressure in the carpal tunnel by dissecting the TCL.
Work increases the incidence of carpal tunnel syndrome in the general population.
Carpal tunnel syndrome and manual work: a longitudinal study.
Carpal tunnel syndrome in occupational medicine practice.
Ultrasound features of carpal tunnel syndrome: a prospective case-control study.
Anatomic variations of the hook of hamate and the relationship to carpal tunnel syndrome.
If a fracture is demonstrated, treatment can begin; however, if no fracture is evident, but highly suspected, additional investigation might include the carpal box or the open cup methods before using MR, CT or nuclear medicine.
Carpal Box radiography in suspected scaphoid fracture.
Modified Carpal Box technique in the diagnosis of suspected scaphoid fractures.
Diagnosis of carpal bossing is made on clinical and imaging findings after ruling out various differential diagnoses.
Lorea found the malalignment test positive in all 32 patients with a surgically confirmed carpal boss but only when utilizing the third digit.
Though an acute os styloideum appeared on the routine wrist imaging series seen in Figure A, radiographic imaging of the carpal boss is difficult due to superimposition of structures on a standard wrist series.
20 The relationship to the carpal boss was not drawn until 1955 by Bassoe and Bassoe who suggested that the os styloideum represented the symptomatic carpal boss.
2,6) The age range of carpal boss does not coincide with degenerative changes revealing bossing in individuals as young as eleven years old, and a mean age of 32.
Frequently the fused ossicle bridged both the respective metacarpal and carpal bones.