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Synonyms for carousel

a conveyer belt that carries luggage to be claimed by air travelers

a large, rotating machine with seats for children to ride or amusement

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During the past 18 months Carousel has forged and continuously strengthened our relationship with Cisco across several strategic service areas to help our mutual customers transform their businesses, said Marsh.
Ever since she was child, Cash has been fond of carousels.
Vanderlande said it was able to submit a design for a 3D baggage make-up carousel that will not encroach on crucial operational space.
A Massachusetts native who now resides in San Jose, CA, Gardner's interest in carousels grew from his father-in-law's one-time ownership of PTC #44, when it ran at the old Riverside Park in Agawam, MA.
RIDE 'EM: Mike Carroll, from Warrington, with his Victorian carousel at The Albert Dock Picture: MARTIN BIRCHALL
For 35 years, Napolitano has been the key wrangler over the historic New York City Central Park Carousel.
BURBANK - An antique, hand-painted carousel that delighted children at Media City Center since 1997 has been dismantled because of remodeling and moved to an oceanside shopping center in San Diego.
A variety of security devices, such as magnetic swipe cards and automated mini-doors can be added to the carousels to restrict access to products in storage.
IN FULL VIEW: Little Rock National Airport bas two new baggage carousels in operation, and another three carousels are in the works--part of a $3 million remodeling project scheduled for completion by spring of 2004.
The animals are the best things about the carousels.
Why you should care: Remstar says that automotive companies can increase order picking throughput by up to 600% with nearly 100% accuracy while reducing storage space requirements by 40 to 60% by using horizontal carousels.
Tacony purchased six horizontal carousels from Remstar International Inc.
Learning how the world of carousels turned meant looking at operating carousels in 22 cities across the country to find the type and size best suited to Santa Barbara, and to determine the costs and method of operation.