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Synonyms for carousel

a conveyer belt that carries luggage to be claimed by air travelers

a large, rotating machine with seats for children to ride or amusement

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READ:MIAA sorry for inconvenience at NAIA 2 Panelo, for his part, said that although he understand the ongoing rehabilitation and accepts the apology of Monreal he called on the airport authorities to check the carousels regularly.
'Not only that, the air condition was not functioning, if at all; and there was no space to maneuver or to move, because can you imagine hundreds of passengers in front of one or two carousel,' he said.
"Carousels are very popular; they are kind of like covered bridges," Williams said.
Vanderlande said it was able to submit a design for a 3D baggage make-up carousel that will not encroach on crucial operational space.
Parker produced the first Jumping Horse Carry-Us-All in 1898, so named to distinguish it from traditional carousels. Writes Connelley, "It was so radically different from all previous riding devices that a name was needed which was in no way suggestive of existing machines."
RIDE 'EM: Mike Carroll, from Warrington, with his Victorian carousel at The Albert Dock Picture: MARTIN BIRCHALL
The carousel has also attended fairs across the UK, including Hampton Court Palace, Royal Ascot and Aintree racecourse.
However, the owners of the carousel liked the sharp young man and talked him into managing their business for a year.
Products are stored completely enclosed in the carousels, which can be locked when not in use.
Along with his staff of woodworkers, metalworkers, mechanics, and painters, he restores antique carousels, including the San Francisco Zoo's 1921 Dentzel.
Carousels provide high-density storage with quick access to items via a system of vertically arranged rotating carriers that bring the exact store position to the operator.
Why you should care: Remstar says that automotive companies can increase order picking throughput by up to 600% with nearly 100% accuracy while reducing storage space requirements by 40 to 60% by using horizontal carousels.
"The efficiency of space utilization in the carousels allowed for substantial savings in construction costs," said Jerry Packard, New Mexico Talking Book Library's acting director.
Tacony purchased six horizontal carousels from Remstar International Inc., a manufacturer of automated material handling and storage systems, based in Westbrook, Maine.